PB&J Adventures: Tokyo Day 1

Welcome back to our PB&J Japan adventures! In this post I'll be recapping day 1 of our travels. I'll have a separate post with all our favorite tips and tricks for whenever we're in Japan, so watch out for that in the near future.

Day 1:
The kick off to our Japan 2017 travels can best be described as a mish-mash of a Friday/Saturday travel time warp, an afternoon arrival in Tokyo and a cute fueled shopping binge at the Disney Store. All while being up for almost 24hrs straight. Curious? Read on for more!

Up, Up and Away
Let's start a the beginning. We started our day on a Friday departing from home in San Francisco (Bay Areaaaa!). For those who have wondered about travel time between the U.S and Japan, you're looking at a long flight. From the west coast it's about 11 hours. We left SFO at 11am our time and arrived in Tokyo/Haneda airport at 3pm Saturday the following day. Now that's some magical time travel, all thanks to that international time change.
Our PB&J "hope & hearts" mascot, Peanut 2.0 ready for take-off!
After 11hrs... Hello, Tokyo!
A clear view of Mt. Fuji greeted us from the plane.

Konichiwa, Tokyo
Once arriving in Tokyo, we booked it through customs, grabbed our luggage, exchanged currency, and were on our way to our hotel. Since we arrived mid afternoon, we had a good chunk of the evening left to wander around our favorite city.

After freshening up, we headed straight for Shibuya. Home to the famous Shibuya Crossing aka the world's busiest pedestrian crossing, the Hachiko statue, and of course, the cutest Disney Store in the world!
Beautiful chaos at the world's busiest intersection. It's truly a sigh to behold!
The cutest little Hachiko bus crossing the famous Shibuya intersection! 

Shibuya is always a must visit whenever we're in Tokyo. The area just feels so alive, more so at night with everything lit up and all of the hustle and bustle of locals and tourists alike. There's so many good food spots, shopping and fun in the area! We're suckers for the unique conveyor belt sushi joint Uobei and the oh so good, Zanmai in the area. I'll recap more of my favorite spots in a separate post, soon.

Hope & Hearts around Shibuya, Tokyo

Ramen Noms!
For our first meal in Tokyo, we opted for ramen. This is PB's ultimate/favorite food so we searched TableLog, Japan's version of our American Yelp, and found a little restaurant that featured a yummy seafood broth ramen. Full off ramen, the notorious jet lag cloud started to hover above us as we clocked in at almost a full day without sleep. Side note, anyone else here not able to sleep on planes? PB can KO on a plane like a champ, but I can never get more than 2 hours of sleep on a flight. So we headed to one last stop before calling it a night...

Disney Merch Heaven
Our last stop for day 1 in Tokyo lead us to somewhere magical, the Disney Store in Shibuya! This store is literally the cutest Disney Store that you'll step foot in. As you walk up, you're greeted by a giant Disney castle facade and as you walk in you're transported into Disney merchandise heaven.

This Disney Store is a sight to behold and honestly, justifies an entire post of it's own, I'll take a closer  look at all the Disney goodness this store holds in my next post.
Too much cuteness at the Disney Store!

Good night, Day 1
After a shopping binge at the Disney Store, we finally called it a night after an exhausting day of travel and adventures around our first day in Tokyo. On the way back to our hotel we stumbled upon a Pokemon spot! PB and I never got into PokemonGo, but if you do play or are into Pokemon, they're ALL OVER Tokyo!

At this point we had been up for about 24hrs since our departure from SF to our fun and adventures around Tokyo. This was an excellent way to try to beat that time change jet lag and try to get a good night's sleep for Day 2 fun! I'll give you a hint at what day 2 held in three words: Food, Cute & SHOPPING!

Thank you for reading along, everyone! Stay tuned for my next post, a closer look into the magic that is the Shibuya Disney Store 💜

PB&J Adventures: Japan 2017

One of the main reasons for starting this blog is to have a space for going more in depth into our little PB&J world and to recap our adventures. Our most recent travels took us back to our most favorite place in the world: Japan!
Our dog making a cameo on our Tokyo adventures via #DatsyTravels

We've had a connection with Japan over the years. PB actually lived and worked in Japan the summer before we met in 2007. Over the course of our relationship, Japan served as the destination for our first major international trip together in the summer of 2009. Through the years we made it a point to visit this beautiful country as often as we could, with repeat trips in early autumn of 2011, late fall/early winter of 2013, spring of 2015, summer of 2016 and most recently, our winter February 2017 travels. 

There's just something about this place that leaves you so.... happy. If you've ever met anyone who's traveled to Japan, I'm sure they'd agree with me that it's indeed a magical place. There's a little something for everyone. The food is delicious, the shopping is incredible, the culture is amazing, the people are among the most polite and friendliest we've ever met, and of course, Tokyo Disney! The latter is worth a million individual blog posts dedicated to it's wonder, but I'll get to that soon.
PB&J Tokyo Disney adventures through the years! Top L-R 2009, 2011, 2013 Bottom L-R 2015, 2016, 2017

Hearts & Hope tour of Japan
When we decided to make our most recent trip to Japan, it originated for an entirely different purpose. Our February travels were supposed to be for our babymoon aka the last big trip as a PB&J duo before our son was to be born. We thought the timing was perfect, we've experienced almost all the seasons in Japan with exception of winter. February would have worked perfectly, I'd just be hitting the end of my 2nd trimester, international travel was cleared by my doctor and most importantly, the baby merch, oh all the cute baby goodies we wanted to bring back home. On Christmas Day 2016, PB booked the airfare and my parents gifted us a hotel stay at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. Everything was falling into place...

Then our world shattered around us. We lost our son in early January 2017 due to his rare congenital heart defect. We were devastated, our Japan trip was the last thing on our minds. Just when all hope looked to be lost we heard the following from our doctor: "Live, laugh...travel the world, find your reasons to smile again". After some thought and with the overwhelming encouragement of our loved ones, we decided to continue with our travel plans. Though now for an entirely different reason, we would continue on our trip with the intentions of healing, restoring hope and adding much needed smiles back to our faces and in our hearts. 
Christmas Day 2016 Tokyo love.

On February 3rd, 2017 we boarded a plane to take us on our #PBJstrong travels of hearts and hope around Japan. We even had a stowaway coming with us on our travels, our little hope mascot "Peanut 2.0". A wonderful occurrence happened on our way to the airport when we saw this... a rainbow in the sky. Or as we like to think, a little sign from our Peanut above, smiling down on us 💙
Rainbows & hearts on the horizon the day of take off.

Thank you for reading along. Stay tuned for the next recap of our adventures around Japan! *Here's a little sneak peek at whats in store for the next post, the a visit to the happiest Disney Store in the world: Disney Store Shibuya!*
The happiest Disney Store in the world! Shibuya, Tokyo.

Welcome to our PB&J Adventure Book!

Welcome to our PB&J happy place! This is a space for us to continue our PB&J adventures, stories and fun from my PBandJellyJenn page on Instagram.

Why PB&J?
Let me start by introducing ourselves. I'm Jenn or "J" from PB&J. My other half is Peter or "PB". Together we make up the duo of PB&J. You may ask, "why PB&J"? The story goes... way back when, I mean, really back in the day when we were just two college students in the dating phase. Peter had made a random joke about how our initials made up PB&J and how it was "perfect because we go together like peanut butter and jelly!". You can say the name sort of stuck with us over the years and evolved into the identity that most of you know us by today!

Our official PB&J logo created by the amazing and talented Alison Kim Designs

Our PB&J Happily Ever After...
We're just your average married couple, with an above average love for Disney. Although I have to admit that I'm a *little* more obsessed than PB is about the magic, but being the great other half he is, he gives into my Disney cray to make me happy. We love Disney so much that a majority of our relationship milestones have taken place at Disneyland over the years! From our first "I love you", the marriage proposal, our wedding (yes, you can get married at Disneyland!) and most recently an epic 5 year surprise anniversary inside Disneyland. More to come on these events at a later time, but to sum it up, we infuse Disney into our lives... a lot!
Our Disney Wedding in 2010, Disney California Adventure Park.

#PBJhappy5 photos shot by the wonderful White Rabbit Photo Boutique
An anniversary surprise planned out entirely by PB and the amazing team at Disney Weddings.

I'm sure 90% of my future posts will be involving something Disney related, whether a Disney adventure recap, merchandise reveal, style find, or just general Disney geekery.

We're also a duo that loves to travel. There's nothing more exciting than getting on a plane with a fun destination in store. One of the best parts of starting this blog is to be able to recap and share all of our travels. One of our most favorite destinations in the world is Tokyo! I get a lot questions about this particular travel spot, so i'll be covering more this locale soon.

Hope, Hearts & #PBJstrong
We've definitely had our share of exciting moments over the years, but most recently we've experienced something that no one should ever have to face. In September 2016 we found out our PB&J duo was turning into a trio. We were pregnant with a baby boy. At 20 weeks and 4 days we were told by doctors that our son had a serious and rare congenital heart defect. The next few weeks turned out to be the most painful and darkest days of our lives. Our baby boy passed in early January 2017 and we've been on a healing path ever since. This was another major reason for starting this blog. Being open about our loss and being able to share our journey has truly helped my own personal path to healing. This is a space for sharing our entire PB&J story, both with all the highs and the lows that may come our way.
#PBJstrong for our son. Forever and always in our hearts.

Stay Tuned...
Thank you for taking the time to read the very first post here on our #PBJadventurebook. Check back soon for even more stories on our adventures, Disney fun and more! Hugs and hearts from PB&J 💜