PB&J Parenthood: 11 Months!

One month away from One year...
Happy 11 months my little love!

November was a fun filled month packed with all the loviest events, adventures and memories. So incredibly thankful for another month of so much love. Let's start at the beginning!

Just Keep Swimming
November brought about a whole bunch of new adventures starting with Ben's first visit to a childhood favorite, the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, CA. Growing up, my parents would take me here and I'd always be so amazed by the incredible under water exhibits and fun. Our little family packed up for a weekend getaway and got to take Ben for his first visit to Monterey and to the aquarium! He loves the little adventure and making so many under the sea, ocean friends!

Love, Love, Love
Family is everything to me and it's something that both PB and I hope that Ben grows up to value and know: family always comes first! November held so many special family events starting with celebrating my grandmother's birthday, then my cousin's wedding aka Ben's 1st wedding guest experience!
I was part of the bridal party, so Ben got a LOT of daddy and me time while I was off doing my wedding party duties. This probably explains why Ben's dapper wedding guest outfit was unbuttoned 50% of the time, lol! But it was a beautiful evening at the most gorgeous venue, Nestldown in Los Gatos, CA. Ben loved getting to party the night away with my family!
When you leave it to daddy to dress you... #buttonfail
Holiday Magic
If an aquarium visit, great grandmother birthday and family wedding wasn't enough.... add in a dose of Disneyland magic to the busy month 11 mix. We took advantage PB's Thanksgiving week off and headed down to Disneyland to soak in all of the Disneyland holiday magic. There's really no feeling like being at the Disney parks when it's all decked out in it's Christmastime best!
We also lucked out by arriving to the parks on Mickey Mouse's 90th Birthday! We missed a majority of the morning festivities due to our drive down, but we were still able to soak in some celebratory fun with the day's special merchandise and getting to meet the birthday mouse himself!
We scored one of the Birthday Mickey sippers at Disneyland!
Ben got to experience his first Disney Christmas, complete with getting into festive style, catching "Snoap" or the soap snow that would fall down Main Street and just soaking in the holiday love. I can't tell you how much my heart soared during this trip. Disneyland during the holidays is my absolute favorite. So being able to finally share it with my little guy was beyond anything I could have ever asked for!

Turkey Day
As if there wasn't enough to celebrate or do this month, we also got to celebrate another "1st" holiday for our Ben, Thanksgiving! I can't tell you how amazing it is to watch Ben experience his "firsts" with the holidays. Since he's a little older, he's more aware of the day. Trust me, he didn't let those mashed potatoes and turkey go by unnoticed.

Oh Christmas Tree!
My family had a ton of traditions for the holidays while growing up. One of the traditions for us was to set up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving with my sister, holiday music on blast, truly kicking off the holiday season surrounded by love. We got to continue that tradition this year by sharing it with Ben. He loved all the Christmas tree action, especially when my dad would put up the colorful lights.
We also got to take Ben to his first Christmas tree picking experience for our own tree at home. He loved getting to be surrounded by all the trees and holiday spirit!

One year on the horizon
So here we are, 11 months into parenthood. I can't believe that our little Ben is one month away from turning ONE. It's crazy I tell you, simply crazy! I look at him sometimes and think "has it really been a year?". His little face is completely different from when I first laid eyes on him, he's no longer this little squish, he's now like a little grown man. Ben is so curious about the world around him and is becoming so much more independent and fearless. This kid is going to be a daredevil!
It's a little bittersweet knowing the next PB&J parenthood update will be recapping one whole year. There's been so many happy memories, growth and milestones. So here's to looking forward to what a whole ONE year will look like next month! Until then, thank you, as always, for reading along!💜

PB&J Loves List: Small Shop Edition

PB&J Loves List: Small Shops edition!

I often get asked what small shops do I recommend for Disney styled tees and fashion. I've listed just a *few* of my current favorites below. There are so many amazing small shops out there online, so depending on what you're looking for, there's probably a shop (& design perfect) for you!


Beautifully Chaotic Shop
Okay, I absolutely love this shop! This shop is totally run by a #MOMBOSS! What I love about this shop is that there's not only fun Disney inspired tees for the whole family, but there's also such a wide array of other designs suited for the mom life and beyond!

Shop Beautifully Chaotic Shop HERE

The Bucketlist Narratives
All the cutest Disney inspired designs! I absolutely love their new Disney holiday collection. They not only have some cozy and comfy wear, but also some of the cutest phone cases and more!

Use the code: pbandjelly10 for 10% off your order!
Shop The Bucketlist Narratives HERE

Jess from Ena's Bazaar has been a friend since our "Disney Bride" days. Not only is she a fellow Disney bride/pal, but she's also the most talented dress and outfit maker in all of the land! We started collaborating together back in 2016 and since then, she's been one of my #1 go to's for the ultimate custom Disney style! She's helped make so many of my "dream" Disney dress looks come to life. If you're looking for something special to wear on your next trip, you have to check her out!

Fairytale Athletics
This shop is for all of my fit mama's out there or anyone wanting to rock some Disney styled athleisure wear.

Happily Ever Tees
This shop has been a longtime favorite of mine. I've been obsessed with their original "Best Day Ever" and their OG Dole Whip tees and tanks. They've since expanded their amazing designs to hats, keychain, prints and notebooks. If you're looking for some classic Disney vibes, Happily Ever Tees is the way to go!
Their Toy Story tees are out of this world!
Best Day Ever!!! The best way to add some Disney magic into your day with these adorable tees! They even have kid versions!

Shop Happily Ever Tees HERE

Happiest Tees on Earth
If you're a Disney style fan, you've probably already heard of this magical shop. Not only are the owners behind it the sweetest people, but their designs are quite possibly the "happiest designs on earth!"

Shop Happiest Tees on Earth HERE

It's My Happy Place Co.

Shop It's My Happy Place HERE

Magic by Mindy
Looking for simple and clean Disney inspired tees and tanks? Well Magic by Mindy's designs are for you! I love her "lands" design!

Shop Magic by Mindy HERE

Not only does Morgan specialize in some of the cutest Disney wording tees, but she also has some extremely awesome baby/toddler styles as well!
STYLE NOTES: Fanny pack by Creations by Payt
How adorable is this Keepin it Old School tee?!
Shop MainStMorgan HERE

Molly's Chic Boutique
Matching mommy & me tees! Need I say more? They'd also work great for any couples wanted to complete each other's style!

Shop MollysChicBoutique HERE

Neverland Crew Clothing
Another shop specializing in tees for the whole family! They have some of the most creative Star Wars themed tees I've seen out there! And come one... check out how amazing (& clever)  these Nemo/Dory inspired "What Up Fishes" tees are!

Shop Neverland Crew Clothing HERE

Second Star to the Right Co.
#ParkGoals for sure! You have to see the adorable dis inspired designs this shop has. She also specializes in prints. So you can have some wall art to match your amazing Disney tees!

Shop Second Star to the Right Co. HERE
Use code: PBandJelly10 for 10% off your 1st order!


Looking to jazz up your Apple watch? You have to check out ImaLittleSomething and their amazing snap on watch covers! I'm so thankful for call Kalei, the owner, a friend and to know this beautiful and talented soul! Her covers add so much magic to your watch. Follow along with her page for all shop updates and openings!

Lillian and Co
Looking for some Disney inspired arm candy? Well look no further.... Lillian and Co is where it's at! I love how simple and chic their bracelets are! They're the perfect little way to add some Disney bling into you daily style!
Check out Lillian & Co HERE 
Use the code: PBandJellyJenn for 10% your purchase!

Rarity by Casey
One of my ultimate "mom style" accessories on the daily? It's one of the amazing bowbands from Rarity by Casey! Casey makes the most adorable and comfy bowbands out there! She's the creator of these amazing headbands that add just the right amount of flair to any outfit, Disney or not!
Shop Rarity by Casey HERE

Blooming Poppy
The cutest alien ears you'll ever lay your eyes on! It was total luck that I stumbled upon this magical shop and I'm so glad I did! Ear pair of ears is crafted with the utmost care and quality. They're a literal dream come true!

Another Disney ear shop that I just can't get enough of! Iris, the mama behind the ears is one of the sweetest people out there. Her rainbow sequin ears hold such a special meaning in my heart and all of her other handmade ears are simply gorgeous!

Shop Shine Shimmering Shop HERE

Word of Mouse Co
ALL THE CUTE! Another amazing shop that I just happened to luck out in coming across.... and I'm eternally happy I did, because her creations are beyond anything I've ever seen before!!! Seriously, Word of Mouse Co's ears and cute creations, like her plush bags are even cuter than anything I've ever laid my eyes on, even Tokyo Disney! Dare I say it? Her goods are actually CUTER than anything you'll ever find at the famously "kawaii" park. Aimee, the creator behind all the cute is the sweet person, ever! She helped make my gingerbread style dreams come true with her amazing handmade ears and bag!!!!

Shop Word of Mouse Co. HERE
Disney Baby Shops

Forever Dream Design
I LOVE THIS SHOP! I repeat, I LOVE THIS SHOP! Jocelyn, the mom boss behind this shop is the talented creator behind the cutest felt baby ears you'll ever lay your eyes on. She was kind enough to send over a few pairs of her ears right after Ben was born and I've been obsessed with her creations ever since! She not only dreams up the cutest baby ear designs, but she's also a total sweetheart! Baby Ben and I can also vouch that these are the perfect pairs of "ears" for your little babe. Ben usually hates wearing things on his head, but Forever Dream Design's felt headband ears are so comfy and he never seems to mind them while on. This shop and ears are literally my favorite Disney Baby accessory for any park visit!

For the Disney Dad

Daddio Trading Co,
Okay, this one is for all the dad's out there! PB likes to keep his style simple and clean, especially when it comes to his Disney style. Enter Daddio Trading Co. This small shop is the SPOT for any dad out there looking for a tee that has a little bit of everything that they'd want and need. A little nod to Disney (or plenty of other fun themes), clean designs. and the utmost comfort for even the pickiest dad out there!

Shop Daddio Trading Co. HERE

Keep checking back....
There are definitely a ton more shops that I love, but these are just a few from recent memory (& photos) to share. Keep checking back in the future for more Disney inspired shops to add to the list!💜



A year with so much to be thankful for...
Last year we were thankful to be pregnant with our little rainbow miracle. Flash forward a year and he we are today as a complete family with an overflowing of thankfulness for the blessings this year has brought us. It's been another year of adventures, Disney magic, family fun, but most of all, almost a full year of being parents to our little Ben. We're thankful for every single moment we have with our miracle. 

So with Thanksgiving approaching, we'd like to give thanks for every wonderful thing this year has brought us. Thankful for our Ben, thankful for our families, thankful for our adventures and thankful for all of you out there! Happy Thanksgiving!