Magic at Home: DIY Snow Mouse Decor

Ready for another SNOW-dorable DIY?

The holidays are in full swing and while many of us are staying home this season, I wanted to bring a little dose of cheer with another easy Snow Mouse inspired craft!

Snowy & Cozy

There’s just something about the holidays that makes me think of all things snow. What makes it a little more fun is infusing a little Disney magic into the mix. So I put together this super easy DIY that will bring a dose of holiday cheer, along with some Mickey & Minnie style into your home.

What You’ll Need:

- 2 large, 2 medium and 4 small styrofoam balls (found at any craft store or even

- 4 wooden dowels or wooden skewer stick

- Wired Ribbon 

- Black Felt 

- Scissors

- Hot Glue Gun

- Small Santa Hat (optional)

How to Put Together Your Snow-Mouse Decor

1. Using one wooden dowel or stick, place in the center of your large styrofoam ball.

2. Attach your medium styrofoam ball on top of the larger ball. You can use a dab of hot glue to keep the two sections stable.

3. Take another wooden dowel and split into two equal pieces. 

4. Insert your halved dowel into a small styrofoam ball, repeat with another ball to create the matching “ear”.

5. Attach your “ears” into your completed snowman/mice. Use a bit of hot glue to help keep in place.

6. Using your felt, cut out eyes, nose and mouth. Attach with hot glue.

7. Use ribbon to wrap around your snow mice to create a “scarf”.

*8. If you want to stabilize your Snow Mice, use a knife to shave off a small section to create a flat surface to display on a shelf or table!

8. Enjoy your Snow Mice decor! 

Let it Snow(Mice)!

I hope you enjoyed this easy to create Snow-Mice decor! I hope it will bring a dose of holiday magic into your home this season. Until next time, take care! 💜

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