PB&J Loves List: New Mama Edition

Becoming a new mom literally feels like you're entering into a whole new world (Disney pun from a Disney mom? LOL)

It's a world full of patience, endurance, multitasking and care. You quickly learn that you can (pretty much have to) function on little to no sleep. You learn how to eat, feed your child and amuse a bored dog all at once. It's a world where you find your inner strength because it's not just about you anymore, it's about you and your child now. 😀

This is why I'm so excited to share my latest "PB&J Loves List" in this post. You may recall that I had a "Loves List" a few months ago featuring some of my favorite maternity goodies, but this time around, it's all about mama-hood and all the things that I've learned that as a new mom, I can't live without!

**Disclosure the items in this post were sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions shared are my own!**

One of the most amazing things about having a baby is all the cuddle time you get with them. As much as I love holding my little Ben, sometimes my arms need a break. So when Lalabubaby contacted me about their unique "soothe shirt" I was definitely all about it. The Soothe Shirt is a unique alternative to traditional baby wearing. It's designed to look like a regular women's tank, but there's a stealthy hidden carrier panel to place your newborn in, as well as acting as a stylish nursing tank.

I absolutely love the Soothe Shirt because it allows me to be close to my little Ben, comfortably might I add, then have some arm freedom. What's great about this company is that they also have a dad version of their Soothe Shirt. Yes mama's you heard that right! A DAD version, so that way all the daddies out there have a chance to baby wear as well! 

For more information and details about the Soothe Shirt check it out here: www.lalabu.com

Skye Footwear
As a c-section mama, I faced a ton of challenges during my recovery phase. One of the activities my doctors encouraged me to do to speed up the healing process was to walk as much as possible. But with a c-section also comes limited movement, namely, bending... especially bending over to tie shoelaces! It pretty much left me to my ballet flats and flip flops as postpartum options for footwear. Definitely non ideal options for middle of winter walks or activities.

Enter Skye Footwear! A little backstory on this innovative footwear company. Their goal was to engineer the perfect and most comfy shoe. Designed for the utmost comfort without sacrificing style, I can honestly say that these shoes are some of the best I've ever worn!

Even better? I have the "Lons" shoe which is their classic slip on style of shoes. Let me tell you, not only was the slip on shoes a lifesaver during my c-section recovery, but the shoe's impressive arch support and comfy materials made my post pregnancy walks a breeze. The cherry on top? The shoe is simple and classic enough that it goes with a majority of my daily outfits, from workouts to casual wear.

Find your perfect pair of SKYE footwear here: skyefootwear.com

SRC Recovery Leggings
Throughout my pregnancy my absolute favorite thing to wear were leggings. So it's no surprise that in my postpartum phase leggings remained my go to clothing item! Let's just say I'm a leggings girl at heart. 

I was thrilled to review SRC's pregnancy leggings in my original "Loves List" post a few months back since they became my go to maternity bottoms. So I'm even more excited to share my love for their post birth recovery leggings!

SRC Health specializes in leggings and shorts for moms and mom's to be. While their maternity leggings provided relief for those pesky pregnancy body symptoms like back, hip and leg pains, their recovery version is a godsend of support for any mama in the postpartum phase.

Again, as a c-section mama, I would cringe at anything that would look like it could rub against my inaction site because.. OUCH. Regular leggings were out as an option because their waistbands would be too near my incision site and basically, it's hard to wear pre-baby leggings in general after birth because... HIPS OH MY! LOL. And one would think that just wearing your old maternity leggings would help since they would come up over the belly. But I found that my plain knit maternity leggings just didn't provide enough support. So I was so thankful when I received my recovery SRC leggings! They not only provided the much needed tummy support for a post baby belly, but they just feel.... amazing. They are much sturdier than my regular knit leggings and have that awesome "athleisure" looking style rather than my standard cotton knit leggings.

The SRC recovery leggings have been my #1 go to piece of daily clothing during my entire post birth phase!

To check out these amazing leggings and more postpartum goodness from SRC health go here: www.srchealth.com

So there it is! A few of my favorite things, mama edition! Although I was sent these items for review, I fully endorse each one 100x over. I truly do love each of these products, hence the "Loves List" recognition. Each of these items have help me in one way or another during my postpartum recovery and beyond. Thank you for reading along and stay tuned for more PB&J adventures, mamahood goodness and fun to come! 💜

PB&J Loves List: Carousel Designs x Disney Baby

I'm not a regular mom, I'm a DISNEY mom!

Seriously, what other kind of mom would I be? 😉

As a lover of all things Disney, there was never a doubt that the Disney love wouldn't extend to my little Benjamin Apollo. In fact, one of my biggest obsessions during pregnancy was searching for the cutest Disney Baby related items for Ben's wardrobe and nursery. There's nothing more magical than to find that unique piece of Disney style to add to my little one's collection.

So when Carousel Designs contacted me with the opportunity to check out their new and exclusive Disney Baby line, I was all (Mickey) ears about the line!
***Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Carousel Designs but all opinions stated below are my own**

Carousel Designs is an amazing company that specializes in the cutest and most unique baby bedding you'll ever set your eyes on. Not only do they have a new and exclusive Disney line (AMAZING!), but their products are made here in the U.S.A and are with the highest quality organic fabrics and inks. Best of all? They have a wide variety of adorable styles, including the ability to personalize your crib sheet. There are literally hundreds of different colors, fonts and fabrics you can customize. The baby bedding possibilities are endless! Sounds magical, right? It truly is!

The new Disney Baby x Carousel Designs line is a Disney fan's dream come true. The fabrics range from subtle hidden Mickey and Minnie designs, to fun prints with their most iconic style. So if you're in search of the cutest Disney Baby bedding for your little one, head on over to Carousel Designs now to see what all the magic is about!
Baby Benjamin is loving his new custom crib sheet!
Personalized Mickey crib sheet: Carousel Designs (https://www.babybedding.com)