The Broken Toe Disney Diaries

I walked 37 miles at Disneyland. Wait, let me rephrase that, I walked 37 miles around Disneyland with a BROKEN TOE!

Toe meet crib
Let's start at the beginning. One week before we were to head to Disneyland for our next visit I was putting Ben down for bed. The room was dark and after hearing Ben cry, I hurried over to check on him when *BAM* my right foot crashed into the edge of his crib. Ouch. If just reading that sounded like it hurts, let me tell you, yes, yes it hurt a lot in real life. After the initial shock and inappropriate words spewed out of my mouth, I knew something was "off". When dealing with other minor foot stubs or bumps, the pain usually subsides after a few minutes. In this case, it didn't. My whole foot was in pain and I could barely walk or put pressure the toe area. I also noticed that my toe looked a little awkward, which honestly, is never good. PB laughed and said I was being overdramatic, but I knew in my gut that my poor toe was more than likely: broken.

Boot life!
Ladies and gents, always trust your instincts. I had previously dislocated and broken the exact same toe, but on my opposite foot back in my teens, so I knew deep down my poor toe was in need of some TLC. Since I had previously broken my toe, I knew that the most my doctor could do was X-ray to confirm the break and prescribe "buddy taping" or taping the injured toe to it's neighbor for support, possibly walking in a boot and sending me on my way. I almost didn't make the doctor's visit since I didn't want to take the time to go in, but knowing we had a Disney trip coming up motivated me to get it checked out to make sure the injury wasn't anything more serious. So we dragged ourselves to Urgent Care the next morning where it was confirmed that I had a toe fracture. They gave me the gold ol' buddy tape and foot boot and sent me on my way.

How to Disney with a broken toe
With our Disney trip fast approaching, I did whatever I could in the days before to rest my foot up as much as possible. Lots of ice, elevation and rest did the trick. I also bought about every single boot out there on Amazon to try out. Crazy? Not to me, especially when I anticipated a ton of walking while at the parks.
The boot gives an extra dose of "magic" to our family photos 😂
Everyone kept telling me to just rent a wheelchair or scooter for the trip to get around. As tempting as that sounded, it wouldn't have been easy to haul around a stroller and be mobile in a chair at the same time. Although my mom's idea of PB pushing me in a wheelchair, while I simultaneously push the stroller (from the wheelchair) sounded hilarious, but Disney dangerous at the same time, lol!

The girl hobbling down Main St. 
So now that we're back from our trip, how did it go? Well if you recall my intro, I ended up walking 37 miles at the parks over the span of 5 days! Am I crazy for doing this? YES. Was I uncomfortable walking lopsided due to my boot? YES. Will this be an experience to laugh about in the near future? YES. All in all, it was definitely an experience being injured and trying to do Disney.

And SHOCK, when I was looking for information on people's experiences with injured toes or feet at Disney I couldn't find a single dedicated blog post about it, lol. So this is why I wanted to write this one, just incase there's a fellow Disney fan who falls (literally) into an unfortunate situation like this before a trip.

How to keep the magic at Disney with a broken toe!
1. Make sure your injury is okay enough to even be up and about on! Thankfully, my fracture was a "spiral" fracture which my doctor told me is the easiest one to heal with a 4-6 week recovery time. If your break is on a major part of your foot or pretty significant then you'll have to check with our Dr. to see what your best options will be,

2. Find a good foot boot! I literally bought 5 of them from different brands since each boot is a little different than the other. I finally found one that was suggested by a sweet IG pal and can be found on Amazon. What's great about this boot is that it provides a ton of support for your foot and was comfy while walking all around the parks. A fair warning though, use their sizing guide, they don't accept returns (found out the hard way, lol) so if you're an "in-between size" go for the next size up!
Shop the boot!!!
Vive Foot Boot
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3. Bring a good ice pack. There's nothing more soothing than a good ice pack at the end of your park day, broken toe or not. Here's another link to an amazing ice pack designed to wrap around your foot, I love mine!

Shop the wrap around ice pack here!!!
Wrap around foot ice pack
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4. Take it easy! I was significantly slower while walking around the parks and I noticed I tried out 10x faster with my foot injury. We pretty much would walk somewhere, grab a snack and just sit. So take your time! Don't push yourself or your foot too hard.
Take time to sit and rest! And maybe even get a cute photo in or two!
5. Remember, a broken toe at Disney is still better than a broken toe anywhere else!
Have fun with it! I didn't want my broken toe to dampen our trip, so I ended up jazzing up my clunky foot boot with Disney patches and rocked the socks off each photo which featured the boot! Now it'll be a fun memory to share with Ben when he's older!

For my fellow foot injury pals heading to Disney, I did want to leave you with one additional note that I found hilarious, but actually was helpful: You only have to being one shoe per pair!!! It saves on luggage space and leaves more room for Disney stuffs, lol!


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