Aventures in PB&J Parenthood: 4 Months!

1, 2, 3, 4... We've officially made it to 4 months of parenthood!

Where has the time gone? It really feels like yesterday that we were two flustered, first time parents trying to navigate the waters of parenthood. Now, here we are today, 4 months in and feeling like this parenting things is something coming naturally to us now! 😂

Month four had so much in store for us with our little Benjamin. We were able to celebrate a month full of fun kicking off with Easter, springtime activities and lots of new adventures around our area.
Our 1st PB&J family Easter!
With my little Easter Bunny Ben
Bunny Ben!
My days with Ben have become like second nature. In my three month post I mentioned that it felt like the "mom switch" finally flipped on and by month four it feels like it's been working in overdrive. Ben and I have fallen into an amazing daily routine together! There's been so many happy moments of play, songs, story times and amazing "mommy and me" moments to count. I'm definitely counting my blessings on how easy it feels now, compared to all the struggles and "baby blues" I encountered in the beginning of this mommy journey. I largely have Ben to thank for that. He's such a sweetheart, he literally can take any of my stressful days and with one little smile or bat of his eyes, turn it all around for the better!

As wonderful as month four has been with Ben, we did encounter a hiccup in our little family happily ever after. If you've been following along with our story, you may recall that I brought up a medical issue that we encountered back when I was pregnant with Ben. Not to sound like such a broken record about it all, so if you want to read about it you can HERE.

Right around Easter we ended up having to do the much awaited follow up testing to my "brain vein" issue. My neurosurgeon ordered a new set of MRI/MRA scans and it showed that the abnormality was still there so it will be necessary to do a more invasive test called a cerebral angiogram to truly get a definitive answer on what the heck is going on with me. There's still a lot of hope that once we do the testing that it'll show what my neurosurgeon thinks is a "venous anomaly", an variant of normal anatomy, or in my case just a weird vein. Something that never has or never will cause any issues. If in the worst case scenario they do the test and it's something more serious, we'll figure out the best plan to make sure I'll be healthy, happy and most importantly, here for Ben!

As you can probably imagine, this has been quite stressful. No one wants to be told that there could be something wrong with them. In my case, it was just hard to hear that there was yet another thing to have to worry and stress about. It has been so difficult the past few years with our failed pregnancies, our loss, and all the ups and downs of being new parents. The thought of having to go through another procedure was overwhelming, but thankfully everyone was on the same page and my neurosurgeon has let me hold off on the angiogram until next year. So in a semi sigh of relief, I get to have the next year to truly enjoy being a mama to Ben before having to endure the thought of more medical tests or procedures.
This little guy's smiles make every day bright!
A year of happiness, starting now!
I have made a promise to myself to enjoy every moment of this next year before having to do more medical testing. I'm trying to be as stress free as possible and just soak in every little moment and happy memory I can with our Benjamin. He's truly been my ray of sunshine throughout all of this. So while month four has brought about some stress, it was also a month where I've made it a mission to not take any day for granted with my family.
Soaking in all the cute moments with my two babies

Four and Beyond
As month four comes to a close, it's time to look forward to all the new joys and fun month five will have in store. And oh what a month this will be! My first Mother's Day, Ben's 1st Disneyland trip and so much more! Here's to looking forward to all the happiness that awaits.
Here's to month 5!!!
Thank you so much for reading along! Here's to a beautiful month five ahead!

Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a "Hoppy" Easter from our little family to yours!

We're so thankful to be spending this Easter with our little bunny loves! Here's a *peep* into our Easter fun.