Happy 3

Happy 3

Three years of hope, hearts & our little rainbow!

The COVID Diaries: Home for the Holidays

 Oh there's no place like HOME for the holidays...

These lyrics are especially true for this year. 2020 has given us some unexpected curveballs with a pandemic and pretty much changed much of our daily lives, including this holiday season. But despite the changes, we're making the most of it all! Read on to find out how we're making our holiday at home merry & bright.

Magic at Home: DIY Gingerbread Mouse Hat

 Sugar, Spice & All Things Ginger-Mice!

One of my favorite holiday loves is the Mickey gingerbread. The mix of classic mouse style & a dose of holiday gingerbread makes for the sweetest combo. What would make this mix even sweeter? Why an easy Ginger-mouse DIY hat of course. Read on the find out how to create your own!

Magic at Home: DIY Snow Mouse Decor

Ready for another SNOW-dorable DIY?

The holidays are in full swing and while many of us are staying home this season, I wanted to bring a little dose of cheer with another easy Snow Mouse inspired craft!

Magic at Home: DIY Snow-Mice Earrings


It’s the merriest time of year and I’m getting into the holiday spirit with all the festive style! Read on to see how to create these SNOW cute Mickey & Minnie inspired earrings.

Magic at Home: DIY Mickey Pumpkins

Time to get magically spooky!

Ready to add a bit of Mickey magic to your Halloween season? Well do I have a craft for you! Let’s create some easy DIY Mickey pumpkins! Here we go!

The COVID Dairies: Traveling in a Pandemic

Let's get away...

Sun, fun, beach days and even a dose of magic! This can only mean one thing: Vacation! But the big difference with our most recent getaway? COVID. So today I'm talking all about traveling in the middle of a pandemic. Ready, set, let's go!

Happy 10

 Happy 10

Celebrating an entire decade of happily ever after (& then some)...

Magic at Home: DIY Halloween Planters

Get your SPOOK on with these Halloween inspired Mickey planters!Ready to add a little Halloween-time fun into your home? Today I'm showing you an easy to create DIY featuring our favorite magical mouse with a side of spooky!

The COVID Diaries: Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

Self reflection, growth, and pause. All lessons learned in the midst of a pandemic. Read on for more!

Magic at Home: DIY Watermelon Dress

One in a Melon!

Today is National Watermelon Day! To celebrate, I have another easy DIY tutorial for you all. So grab your glue guns and felt because today we're making a simple, no sew, watermelon dress!

Early Math Adventures with Osmo!

Math adventures with Osmo!

Real play, real learning that the entire family will enjoy! Today I’m talking all about Osmo’s newest addition to the fun: early math adventures! 

**Disclosure: Osmo sent us their Little Genius Starter Kit with Early Math Adventures for free to review. All opinions expressed below are my own.**

Magic at Home: DIY Ice Cream Dress

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

July 19th is National Ice Cream Day! I'm celebrating this sweet day in two ways. With a cone of my favorite ice cream treat and this easy, no sew, DIY ice cream dress to match. Want to entire SCOOP? Read on to see the tutorial!

Magic at Home: DIY Mickey Musubi Dress

Musu-bae Magic!

I’ve been on a roll with all things musubi lately, so why not continue the fun with the easy, new sew DIY musubi dress!

Magic at Home: Mickey Musubi

Musubi Magic!
Bringing a dose of Disney Aulani magic today with this DIY Mickey Musubi!

Magic at Home: Toy Story Alien Pizza

OooOooh.... A pizza from the outside!

Ready for an easy, out of this world snack? Well grab your aprons space rangers because we're ready to blast off into some kitchen fun!

Magic at Home: DIY LEGO

I’ll never LEGO of you!

Time to grab your glue gun and creativity because it’s another easy and quick DIY: LEGO edition!

Magic At Home: Forky Milkshake

A Spork Shake? No, it's even better, it's a Forky Shake!
Mixing up a little magic at home with this easy to make Forky Milkshake!

Learning Fun with Osmo

Real Play, Real Learning

Today I’m sharing a some of learning fun, all thanks to Play Osmo!
*Disclosure: Play Osmo sent us products for free to review. All opinions are my own*

A Day for *Hope & Hearts*

May 11th.
Our day for *Hope & Hearts*

Mama Monday: Masks!

Cover your face

Today's Mama Monday is reflective of the COVID-19 pandemic times we're living because we're talking face masks!

Broken Foot Diaries: 6 Weeks Later

6 Weeks Later...
It feels like a lifetime ago that I took a tumble and broke my foot. Now here we are 6 weeks later and I can say that your girl is back to (almost) 100%!

The Quarantine Diaries: The New Normal

The New Normal

We're entering week 3 of our Stay At Home "Quarantine" and today I'm talking all about our "New Normal"

How To Cope & Hold Onto Hope

How to cope 
In uncertain times it’s easy to let the fear, worry and anxiety get the best of us. Here’s a few things I’ve been doing to hold onto the hope during this unprecedented time 

Let's Talk COVID-19

Not the most magical headline, but a necessary one...
Coronavirus or COVID-19. Today I'm opening up about my feelings and what we're planning on doing in regards to this scary and very real pandemic happening in our lives right now...
**UPDATE: as of 3/17/20 where we live here in the Bay Area will be placed on shelter in place orders.**

Mama Monday: Q&A

It's Q&A Time!
It's another edition of #PBJMamaMonday and this week is all about answering some of your top questions you sent my way! Here we go!

Happy 8th Barkday Datsy!

Lucky number 8
Wishing our first baby, our forever FURbaby the happiest 8th barkday!

Broken Foot Diaries

I broke my foot.
In what feels like a unfortunate series of events... I broke (technically fractured) my right foot! Read on to find out the whole story and what this means for everything ahead...


It's a Blogaversary!
Happy 3 to my little Adventure Book of love, hope and magic!

Mama Monday: Date Night

Date Night!
A dinner for two, a night on the town... or a childless Target run. Today's post is all about DATE NIGHT!

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Showcase

Whatever Your Fairy Tale Wish...They Have the Magic to Make Them Come True...
Today’s post is all about the 2020 Disneyland Wedding Showcase!

Disney After Dark: 80's Night

Totally 80's
A little recap on the awesomeness that was the Disneyland After Dark: 80's Night!

Mama Monday: My Asian Story

My Asian Story
Today's post is all about "growing up Asian".

Mama Monday: Self Care

Self Care
Today is all about Self Care. Yes, mama, you DO deserve that "me" time because it's more than well earned.

2020: A Look Ahead

2020, I'm ready for you!
We're well into the first month of 2020 and I figured it's about time I looked ahead to what I hope & dream for the New Year. 

"Two Fast" Birthday Party

They just grow up "TWO FAST"
A little recap all about Ben's big 2nd Birthday party!