#PBJstrong x Disneyland

Two weeks ago marked what would have been our due date with our son. We knew this time would be hard. We knew there would be sadness and memories of the pain the past few months have brought. The day would also mark the end to a sad chapter in our adventure book. With all the somberness May 11th would bring, we made the decision to take time off together and surround ourselves with all the love and magic we could find. We figured that instead of staying at home and treating the day as a sad one, we'd turn it into one filled with happy memories. What better place to do that than my happy place, Disneyland!

And what happy memories we did have! We were surrounded by an abundance of hope, hearts and love.... All thanks to my loving family, magical friends and support from so many wonderful people from the Disney, Instagram and the online community!

All dressed up in hope & hearts
The amount of love that went into our #PBJstrong trip began way before we arrived at the resort. My dear friend, Jessica, owner and designer of EnasBazaar created two very special and meaningful pieces of Disney style for me to wear on our trip. Jess has been my go to designer for all of my custom Disney dresses. She's not only a talented dress maker, but she's also a wonderful friend. I asked her to help me come up with something to wear for our trip and she went above and beyond to make sure that I was clothed in all the hope and hearts in the world!

My rainbow hearts dress represents all the love we have for our son's memory, along with all the hope we have for our future. Rainbows and hearts, in the most literal interpretation 🌈. Jess also went above and beyond in making sure this dress was special by having a custom patch created by The Briar Patchery. The patch was based upon our son's Peanut Plush symbol, complete with a blue heart and the words "hope" embroidered on the back of his Mickey ears. Needless to say, I was blown away by the kind gesture. I don't think I cried so many tears over a dress and it's meaning since I found my wedding dress!

I also had a very special pair of white Minnie ears created for me by a beautiful ear maker on Instagram. FiveCubDen is also a fellow angel mama who kindly created this special pair of ears, the perfect way to show off my Peanut patch, to wear on our trip!

The meaningful Disney wear didn't stop at just one dress. Jess/EnasBazaar helped create a second dress that also represented hearts and hope! This time she used a Tsum fabric that I found from Japan. It was perfect because it combined my favorite Tsums, along with little hearts etched along the fabric. Jess went one above and created a heart cut out on the back of the dress to add a special touch, too!

Thankful for all of our magical friends!
Our days were filled with so much support and love! We're so thankful for our wonderful friends, family and loved ones who came to visit us while we were at the parks. We're thankful for the hugs and magic each and every one of them brought to us.

Something that I'm so thankful to be a part of is the Disney bride community. I've made so many wonderful connections to kind and amazing people during my days as a Disneyland bride. While over the years our weddings have passed and time has moved us all along, I'm forever thankful for my fellow Disney brides! Two fellow Disney brides, my beautiful friends Mindy and Hope came to give us hugs and spread a little magic into our day. They also surprised us with this beautiful gift, our #PBJstrong hashtag in Disney art form!
A surprise cameo by the Beast during our little photoshoot!
Thankful for magical friends and fellow Disneyland brides!
Peter and I are also incredibly thankful for the wonderful people we've been able to call our "fairy godmothers" at Disney. They're literally the team who creates magic and fulfills dreams, the Disney Fairytale Weddings Team! We've been connected to the team since our 2010 wedding and they've grown to be a beautiful part of our "Disney Family". It was so nice to be able to stop by for a visit with the team, catch up and get lots of magical hugs from them during our trip!

We also got to see so many of wonderful Disney friends while we were at the park! Check out the Tokyo Disney "kawaii" bag/backpack club 😄
Yay for meet ups with two very magical beauties! 

Lastly, our trip wouldn't have been complete without my family. My sister, our advocate and our constant rock during our toughest days came to spend the day with us!
My sister, my emotional rock 💖
Onto the next chapter...
We truly had a love and magic filled few days at the happiest place on Earth. Disney truly has the most wonderful effect on a person, no matter what the circumstance. Disney is a place that brings joy, even in the darkest of days. Our visit there was one that truly added so much light into our little world. We're so thankful for all the new memories we were able to make and the people we were able to spend time with. We're also so thankful for the endless love we received from everyone, the support, the messages and hearts meant the world to us and made our day full of so much love.

We now look ahead to the future and begin a new chapter of our adventure book. Here's to hoping the pages ahead will be filled with endless love, brighter days ahead and most of all HOPE (& a PB&J rainbow).

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  1. So glad we got to see you on this visit and share hugs and hope with you (not knowing that your rainbow was already shining through! :) )


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