Happily Ever After: our PB&J Disney Wedding!

Our Happily Ever After....

September 27, 2007:
I remember the day so clearly... it was the first day, of the last day, of my final year at UC Davis. My roommate and I were celebrating the fact that a new school year was upon us, we had moved into our new apartment and we were both single (happy about it) and ready to make it the best year, ever! Then came along this one guy....
Our very first photo together a decade ago!
We happened to stumble upon a social event that evening when this one guy caught my eye. Yup, you guessed it, he turned out to be PB! I felt an instant "OH MY GAH" moment when I laid eyes on him. I know that sounds super cheesy, but it's the truth. He was so cute! I'm normally super shy, but I knew I couldn't loose the opportunity to introduce myself to him, I knew I'd regret it if i didn't go over and say hello. So there we both were standing in a hallway, I walked over and said hello. There was a *spark*, a click as you'd call it. The conversation was great, his smile dazzled me and I could literally feel my heart skipping beats as the minutes passed. Just when I thought "oh my, this guy..." Peter literally stopped the conversation to say "Sorry, I'm a little jet-lagged from this trip I was just on, I think I need to sleep". He then proceeded to throw up his hand to give me a hi-5 and said "bye!".

As you can imagine, I stood there a little dumbfounded... wondering what in the world just happened. I was talking to my would be soul mate, in one of the best first convos ever and then he tells me he needs to go to sleep? LOL doesn't even begin to cover it!

In the next few weeks we happened to see each other at different social events around campus and around Davis. Each time it would start out like the last, great initial conversation then BAM some random excuse to either leave or not ask for my number. Just when I thought he wasn't interested or was just a plain weirdo, he finally asked me out on a date! And what followed was our very own journey to our happily ever after!

**In PB's defense, he says that he was incredibly shy when we first met. He said each time he'd "run away" or find his excuse to leave our conversations was because he felt like he was getting awkward and didn't want to make a fool of himself, haha. He said he was trying to build the courage to ask out *and I quote what he's said "his perfect girl"* AWWW

September 27, 2010:
Flash forward 3 years later, from awkward meetings and hi-5's to our happiest day, ever: our wedding day!
It must have been the Disney fates aligned because after PB's magical proposal (more on that to come in another post) there wasn't anywhere else we could imagine getting married at. When we started the wedding planning process Disneyland was our #1 pick. So when we contacted Disney Fairy Tale Weddings in Anaheim to begin the process of planning, we realized that their amazing team would be able to make our wedding dreams come true. When we asked what wedding dates might be available for our dream venue, they called us back with one date: September 27, 2010, exactly 3 years to the day that we first met.

Forever #TeamDisneyBride 

Vows Under the Stars and Monorail
So on Monday, September 27, 2010 Peter and I said "I Do" in our best day ever at Disneyland! Our ceremony was held under the stars on the evening of the hottest day ever recorded in Anaheim at that point (no kidding, it was 110 degrees in the day and 90+ at night). We wed in a candlelit ceremony in the Brisa Courtyard at the Grand Californian Hotel at the Disneyland Resort. We chose the venue because of the gorgeous trees surrounding the brick courtyard. It just felt like "us". We loved the little dose of Disney flair with the monorail tracks above us.
Vows under the stars at the Brisa Courtyard!
Cultural traditions: Filipino veil and cord ceremony to represent my side.

Soarin' in Love
After our ceremony, we were all escorted into Disney California Adventure Park for our wedding reception festivities! We wanted to add an extra dose of magic for our loved ones, so we rented out Soarin' since it was always one of our favorite rides! Our guests were so surprised! One of my favorite moments of the big day was getting the whole ride to share with my family and doing it all in our wedding attire!
One of our happiest memories of the night!
Let the Happily Ever After Begin!
After our wedding flight on Soarin', our guests moved to the Hollywood area of the park where our pre-reception began. PB and I took this time to preview the reception Disney dreamed up for us! Our reception was held inside the Animation Building in the park. We had always loved the gorgeous screens surrounding the building. There was always this amazement factor whenever we'd visit the venue on our trips. So when it came down to deciding upon a reception location, we knew we wanted to find one that was both special to us and would enchant our guests. Prior to our wedding, there was hardly any in-park wedding information besides the exclusive castle ceremony. We didn't think it would even be possible since there wasn't any information we could find on it, but we took a chance and asked about the Animation Building. Disney Weddings, being the dream makers they are, made what we thought was impossible a dream come true! We got our dream venue!
Our favorite wedding photo, and possibly PB&J photo together of all time: Our Animation Building wedding photo!

The Best Day, Ever!
The night was one magical moment after another. The food, the cake, PB's "holy grail" ice vinylmation sculpture.... It was (& still is) one of our most favorite Disney memories and nights of our lives, ever!
Peter's "Holy Grail" vinylmation was this custom ice sculpture that Disney made for him!
Anyone else remember the amazing Toy Story Zoetrope room?!
Oh how I miss those DCA "CALIFORNIA" letters!

Happy 7
So here we are today, an entire decade after we first met and 7 years since we said "I Do" and began our happily ever after journey together. It's been one amazing adventure, full of love, laughter, a few tears and hardships, but in the end, nothing but the happiness in each day... and today, a little rainbow on the way!

Here's to our "Lucky number 7" and a lifetime for happy PB&J memories and moments to come! I love you, PB! Thank you for forever being the Peter Butter to my Jelly Jenn 💜


  1. What a scintillating wedding pictures! I will also plan a thank you luncheon eve for my sister in law for her pleasing gesture to arrange a welcome party for me. Dinner was yummy and all my favorite cuisines made it much more special. Will book the same event venues Chicago for the surprise. Hope she likes it very much.

  2. Superbe mariage, je rêve du même !!


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