Adventures in PB&J Parenthood: 6 Months!

It only feels like yesterday, but now here we are.... 6 months with our Benjamin Apollo
I can't believe it. It's already been half a year since Ben came into our lives and made each one of our days so incredibly bright.

Where has the time gone?
Literally, where has the time gone? As I type, it's already the end of June and I have a 6 month old on my hands. Where did my tiny little newborn go? Now we've got a big bundle of Ben, sitting up, babbling away and so curious about the big, beautiful world around him. I've heard it a million and one times from other mom's about "time is flying" and now I know what they mean. It's not an over-exaggeration, it's the truth. There's just something that happens and before you know it, they've grown out of the tiny baby stage into a little human. It's the most incredible thing.

Ben's first swim
Our Ben is definitely a little water baby! He loves bath time and we wanted to test out if he'd love a swimming pool as much as his little baths. I grew up going to the pool almost every day when I was younger, it was the best summer thing to do! My cousins and I would spend hours upon end having swim races, driving for toys and playing marco polo poolside. I definitely want Ben to have the same summer fun experiences, so as the weather got warmer here at home, we took him to the pool for the first time. Ben, complete with giant boat float and all all, LOVED it!

Happy Father's Day PB
June brought about another beautiful moment for our family, PB's first Father's day. It's a day so well deserved for a man who's more than earned his right to celebrate such a special occasion. Ben filled PB's day with so much love and the best gift of all? Letting him sleep in, lol!
Here's to many, MANY more happy Father's day moments and memories to come in the future for our little family!

6 months down, a lifetime to go!
We're now 6 months into this parenting thing and it's been beautiful. I don't know how to describe it, it's just so wonderful. I know I must sound like a sappy mess right now, but just thinking back on the moments since Ben entered our lives until the present day, it's just so emotional. For all that we've been through to get to this point, the struggles, the hardships, the good days, the bad, in the end, it's just been a dream come true for us. Ben has literally brightened up our lives, he can turn any stressful day into a good one with one little smile. We feel so blessed to have our little miracle in our lives. We know we're already halfway through his first year, but here's to a lifetime more amazing Ben moments and memories to come!

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