Adventures in PB&J Parenthood: 7 months!

Lucky number 7!
Happy 7 months to our little rainbow!

Starting the month off with a *BANG*
We kicked off month seven with a literal *pop* with Ben's very first 4th of July celebration! We had a fun filled day BBQing with family and spending time with our closest loved ones.
Datsy, all smiles at our family 4th of July celebration!

Yummy in Ben's tummy: Solids!
We finally got the clear to begin solids after Ben's 6 month appointment! We literally made a Target run right after to pick up all the different new baby foods for our little one to try. Let's just say that Ben is a total fan of his new food adventures!
Ben's 1st solid food, sweet potatoes!
He's a fan of peas!

God Bless you, Benjamin!
The past month brought about so much fun and excitement for our little Ben, from another happy holiday, starting new solid foods and another beautiful milestone in his life, his baptism. The day was definitely filled with lots of love and blessings for our Benjamin. He was welcomed with open arms and hearts into our church. It was truly a blessed day for our very own miracle baby!

Rolly Pollie Ben
Ben reached yet another huge milestone during the past month, he finally rolled over! Ben definitely took his time in reaching this baby milestone moment. Most babies tend to begin rolling over beginning at month 4, but our little Ben likes to "roll" on his on schedule. One thing we've learned being new parents is that despite what all the baby books, blogs and forums say about what baby should be doing at certain times, we've found that babies tend to do their own thing, in their own time. So if you're like us, new parents and worried about timelines, just know that your little one will figure it out!
Right before the "roll"
Proud mama moment!
The face of a kiddo who accomplished his first "rolls"
Happy Birthday PB!
Towards the end of the month, we got to celebrate PB's birthday! The birthday boy got to choose what he wanted to do and he chose his version of Disneyland: Cars! We took off on another family getaway to SoCal and spent PB's birthday filled with all of his favorite things, good food, Porsches and fun.

A magical close to month 6
We capped off an incredible month 6 of milestones and happy moments in the most magical way with  Ben's 2nd trip to Disneyland! This happy part of our trip deserves its own post, so stay tuned for a recap on that magic soon. Until then, a little teaser at some of the Disney fun.

Lucky number 7 and beyond!
So here's to an upcoming new month of more milestones, growth, fun adventures and most of all, happy memories with our Ben. Thank you for reading along! 💜

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