Adventures in PB&J Parenthood: 8 months!

In a blink of an eye.... we're officially at 8 months with our little Ben!

They really aren't kidding when they say "time flies"

In a flash
Honestly, where did the entire month of August go? It felt like we had just come back from our July Disneyland trip and then *BAM* we're already in September? How could this be? I know time tends to zoom by, but man oh man, it's going by in a flash!
So let's recap our month long adventures!

New pals, pool time and more!
August brought about more pool time for our little water baby. He's becoming such a natural in the water, constantly kicking away and literally enjoying every moment he has poolside.

We also had a lot of events with family and friends during August, including meeting some fellow Bay Area Disney pals for a meet up in San Francisco! Ben is a little ladies man and loved getting to hang out with so many beautiful and kind Disney gals.

My two front teeth
This month brought about another milestone for our Benjamin: his first two teeth! At the start of August, Ben suddenly became super fuss-butt. We chalked it up to a growth spurt when we noticed a little tiny nub popping from his gum... Ben's first tooth!!!
Bring on all the teethers! Just a few weeks after his first tooth came to the surface, we noticed his 2nd tooth coming in right next to it, Ben now has two bottom teeth.

On the move
August was a busy month for our little Ben. Remember last month when we reached Ben's milestone of rolling over? It was such a huge moment, read about it HERE. There was so much elation in just getting Ben to roll that I didn't realize all the doors it would open up....literally!

Since that fateful day, Ben has literally been NON STOP. I mean, this kid just won't stop moving, HA! He rolls over like a little rollie pollie and is even in the early stages of crawling. I guess this means that we need to up our baby proofing game around the house.

Parenting instincts
We bought Ben a little activity walker to give him a new thing to try out. And yes.... if you're a fellow parent out there reading this and gasped when I mentioned "baby walker" have no fear, we had just learned about the "controversy" with these things AFTER we bought it. If you don't have a clue about the walker drama, neither did we until my brother in law bought up "I thought these things weren't allowed anymore?" when we showed them Ben's new activity toy. Apparently, there was some issue with these things because children were getting hurt in the old designs, like being left unattended, falling or getting stuck in places they shouldn't be. There's also some talk that they can delay the development of walking, etc. Okay, scary right? Let's add this to the list of "new parent things we didn't know about, but will go with our own gut on". We ended up digging into more research to learn that all walkers now have been redesigned for safety and have updated guidelines in place aka, we never leave Ben unattended in one and he only uses his for little bits of the day.

So here's my point... As a new parent, you're constantly bombarded with so much information, especially when it comes to do's and a whole ton of don'ts of bringing up baby. Honestly? If you followed every single piece of what you should be or shouldn't be doing out there, your baby would be naked, eating a carrot, in a bubble.... Seriously. There's so much scare out there for parents, "harmful chemicals in baby food! GASP the wrong plastic in a bottle?! SHOCK!!! The wrong type of toy will cause delays?! FAINT!  Its all enough to make a new mom want to keep her baby cushioned in bubble wrap and away from anything... forever. But that just isn't reality for most, if not all moms out there, at least not for me and PB. We've found over the past 8 months that babies are actually pretty resilient. They're tough cookies and they tend to figure things out on their own. We're only 8 months into this new parenting gig, but what we've learned so far is to trust your own "mom/dad" gut because more often than not, it will be okay!

So looping back to the walker thing, Ben seems to enjoy his time in the thing, plus it's cute, lol. So the walker will be staying in our home (guided supervision) and all!

Onto 9 months!
And here we are on the verge of September! While August was a busy month of growth and laid back  adventures, we have so much more fun in store for month 9 with another Disneyland visit, including Ben's 1st Disney Halloween party. We can't wait to share all the fun ahead, September is such a meaningful month for us as a family, we'll not only hit 9 months of Ben being in our lives, but it's also a month filled with anniversary love, memories to announcing our rainbow and more! So stay tuned for all of the fun and until then, thank you so much for reading along. 💜

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