PB&J Parenthood: 10 months!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9..... 10!!!!
We're officially 10 months into being parents to our little rainbow!!!

Hello October!
Hello October, you were definitely a fun filled month! From birthday's, Halloweentime fun, a first plane ride, Hawaiian adventures, family time, major milestones and more. It's been an entire month of the happiest moments and memories. Let's start at the beginning...

Happy Birthday Mama!
The start of October was welcomed with my birthday! We kept our celebration low key, a night of food and family since we were still recovering from our Disneyland celebrations days before and looking forward to a bigger adventure a few days later. My only wish each and every year is to spend my special day with my family, loved ones... and cake, so it was fulfilled tenfold by being surrounded by my family, Ben, and of course, cake!

Happiest Halloween on Earth
Speaking of Disneyland, I haven't been able to recap our latest adventures, but since it overlapped into October, here's a little photo recap of our fun:

Our 8 year wedding anniversary was spent with continued does of magic, the happiest churro cake on earth and a walk down memory lane

Ben's first Mickey's Halloween Party! My family joined us for Ben's first halloween party at Disneyland. We had to center our costumes around my favorite little green alien, so my family joined the fun as fellow Toy Story pals.
All the halloweentime fun at the parks! It was spooktacular fun getting to share Disney's Halloweentime with our little Ben! He loved it!

Month ten also brought about a major adventure: Hawaii! In celebration of my birthday, along with my dad's birthday my family set off for Oahu, Hawaii for some sun, good eats and Disney Aulani. Check out my full recaps on our Hawaii adventures HERE and our Aulani adventure HERE

All hail the Pumpkin (patch) king!
Ben is celebrating his very first Halloween this year and Peter and I wanted to make sure we soaked in as much fall fun with our little one. So we made a trip our to our local pumpkin patch for all the autumn goodness!

A literal step away
October brought about so much more than just fun new travels and adventures, it also brought about new milestones for our Benjamin. Our little one is as active as ever, he'd rather stand and move about then be seated. He can crawl circles around the house and is 100x more curious about the world around him.
Ben has been showing off his best strongman abilities, too by learning how to stand on his own which means BRING ON THE BABYPROOFING! Our little one is literally just one step away from actual walking!
Oh, and quite possibly the most heartwarming milestone yet? "MAMA". Yes! Ben uttered his first word and it was the one that made me gasp and doubt that I even heard him correctly... Mama. But I wasn't dreaming it up because on the day he first said it, he said it again in front of PB and my sister who was on FaceTime at the same time! Our little chatterbox loves to babble now, we swear we've heard him say "wow, hi, and no" now. LOL, let's see what next month has in store for us!

A great big beautiful tomorrow is just around the corner
Literally. We're onto November, month 11 and inching ever closer to our 12 month, 1 year old mark. What lies ahead? I have no idea, but if month 10 is any indication.... hopefully even more blissful memories, milestones and love!!!

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