"Two Fast" Birthday Party

They just grow up "TWO FAST"
A little recap all about Ben's big 2nd Birthday party!

Cars, Cars, Cars
It's no secret that our little guy is more than a tad obsessed with all things vehicle related, especially when it comes to Pixar's Cars. So it was no contest when thinking of what his 2nd birthday theme would be inspired by for his big "TWO".

Best Day Ever!
We went all in with the Pixar Cars theme this year. From the party activities, the cake, right down to the hand painted cardboard Cars decor (thanks PB), it was a truly a party fit for a little racer. And juding by the look of pure joy on Ben's face when he saw everything for the first time, I can confirm it was the best day ever!

Here's a little photo look back at his special day:
Cars inspired desserts!
Cars cookies made by my sweet friend over at @SpoonfulofSugarBaker

PB hand painted and made these "CAR"board Cars decor! 

A DIY racer station. We had blank wooden cars that guests could decorate with markers and stickers to take home. 

Racing into the next year ahead
I hope you enjoyed this look back at Ben's "TWO FAST" Cars themed birthday! You can check out a video recap on our YouTube Channel or click below:
Thanks for reading along, until next time... take care! 💜

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