Mama Monday: Masks!

Cover your face

Today's Mama Monday is reflective of the COVID-19 pandemic times we're living because we're talking face masks!

Cover Yourself!
No really. Here where we live in the Bay Area, most of California and in some parts across the nation it's now required by law to wear a face covering in public. No, we aren't talking the medical grade masks that should be reserved for healthcare workers and those that truly need it most... But any other type of homemade or non medical grade facial covering while out. It's crazy, but hey, it's the new "normal".

There have been so amazing small shops and people with sewing machines and sew-centric skills starting to either pivot business or use their quarantine time to create homemade masks. Most are creating these masks to support our health heroes in need of personal protective equipment. But now that the general public is seeing a need these magical mask makers are selling masks or creating easy to follow tutorials for all of us to keep safe and cover our faces!

I have little to no sewing skills. If I did, I would be alongside all of these incredible people who are working tirelessly to create masks. While I lack sewing skills, I still want to help in any way I can, even if it's just creating a resource or "list" of these people, places and shops creating these masks!

I'll be listing/updating every so often, but here are a few of the wonderful mask creators that have been submitted by my amazing followers, along with a few that I personally have either used or bought from as well:

Disney inspired
These shops either specialize in Disney fabric masks or have Disney fabric mask options.
Marie is the first shop I bought masks from! She's beautiful, both inside and out and I'm thankful the Disney-life had us cross paths. Her primary focus is creating masks for healthcare heroes who need it most, but she recently opened up a shop for the general public to buy and support. It looks like she's currently sold out of her masks, but give her a follow on her IG to keep updated if she has any other openings! 
Magic and Marie's adorable Disney fabric masks!

This shop has ready to ship mystery prints, some of which are Disney and also has a child sizing option which is great!

Follower submission and the shop has a ton of Disney inspired fabric masks
Another follower submission. A newly opened small shop and currently has a few Disney inspired prints in stock.

A good variety of handmade with love Disney print face masks.

Disney Fabrics galore! 

This shop submission was from a follower who's cousin (the mask creator) recently fell into hard times due to COVID-19 with losing her job and possibly having to postpone an upcoming wedding. Despite the setbacks, the shop owner continues to create masks for frontline heroes and her community! Now she's selling masks to the general public in both kids and adult sizing. 

Another absolutely sweet follower who is currently balancing a newborn AND making masks for everyone! 

Jessica, the shop owner of Shop House of Mouse is not only incredibly talented, but also a Disney fan and soon to be mama. I've loved her gorgeous ears she hand creates and now she's creating face masks in both Disney and non Disney prints, too!

General Mask Prints/Non-Disney

A swimwear company now selling masks that a simple and chic! They’re also donating 10% of profits to the LA Regional Food Bank

A great submission from a follower! This shop has some fun and vibrant pattern fabrics. There's currently has a sign up for notification on their upcoming restock. 

Submitted by a follower. Another option for patterned face masks. This shop has masks with a filter provided inside!

Sweet designs ranging from simple to adorable patterns. Both an adult and child sizes.

The “Ultimate” Homemade Mask Resource:
Find hundreds, if not thousands of homemade options from small shops and sellers! You'll be able to find tons of small shops selling all sorts of face masks on this site. Not only will you be getting a face mask for yourself, but most likely supporting a small business owner or creative in the process! You can toggle your search options for things like U.S only or International shipping, faster delivery, price range, etc.

Some helpful search ideas:
“Disney face mask”
“Simple face mask”
“Face mask for men”
“Face mask for kids”

Looking to try your hand at creating your own masks? Here are a few tutorials from amazing women who have all the skills!

Little Gray Thread:
My friend Jenielle is not only a super mama, but she’s an amazingly talented and creative woman. She’s my inspiration for being more crafty! She’s always doing so much good for the world and created a DIY mask tutorial for everyone, on her blog! This one even included an optional filter pocket!

An Easy DIY Tutorial that's NO SEW!

Submitted by the amazing @Klizabeth88 from Instagram 

Grape Soda Club
Another magical mask maker is Alex from Grape Soda Club!  She has a FREE DIY mask tutorial on how to create some character inspired masks. How amazing is that?! She’s already doing so much good by hand making these masks daily for her local children’s hospital. But now she's spreading the magic for EVERYONE by making the tutorial available online.

**We actually used her DIY tutorial to create our own homemade masks! PB has a little knowledge around a sewing machine (thanks 7th grade Home Ec class!) and we joined creative forces to try this out. It took a little bit of time, but it worked and ended up being so cute!
PB and I joined our creative skills and used Grape Soda Club's FREE tutorial to make these masks!

Mask Heroes!!!
These amazing people are creating masks for donation to healthcare heroes. They're amazing for using their time and skills to put so much good into the world! If you're a healthcare or frontline hero in need of masks, check out their pages for more info!

This amazing mama is a true inspiration! Thankful to call her a friend, but also to say that she's a magical mask hero, as well!

Booke is a literal QUEEN when it comes to creating and donating masks. She's made thousands of masks all for DONATION to those that need it most. 

Not Done Yet...
Okay folks, I hope that this little round up of mask creators and resources can help with your own personal face protection needs! I'll continue to update the list as time goes on. But for now, stay safe, stay sane and take care everyone! 💜

**If you have your own mask resource submission, let me know and I'll add it to the list!**

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