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Today I’m sharing a some of learning fun, all thanks to Play Osmo!
*Disclosure: Play Osmo sent us products for free to review. All opinions are my own*

Learning Through Play!
We’re heading into week 10 of Stay At Home orders during this crazy time. I can honestly say that even though it’s been great to be together as a family 24/7, both mama, dada and our little guy are feeling the “quarantine fatigue”. We know our Ben loves to have both of us around from wake up to night night time, but there’s definitely moments of boredom from the same routines and not being able to go out and explore right now.

We’ve tried our best to load up on crafts and outdoor play items, but after 2+ months of staying at home we’re all in need of something new. Enter Play Osmo!

Play Osmo merges technology with good old fashioned tactile learning! It’s a win/win combo for all of us because it allows us parents to give into that precious screen time our little craves during this time, but has a dose of learning fun.

Play Osmo was kind enough to send us their iPad base kit, Super Studio Mickey & Friends and Stories & Costume game. All were super easy to set up with our own personal iPad and made for tons of fun for our little guy (and both parents too!).

We loved how it felt like we weren’t just letting Ben play randomly on the iPad. Each game had interactive elements that allowed him to do things like draw, follow directions and explore his own creativity. An added bonus? The reusable pages and no mess markers that came with our Super Studio game. 

As you can see, Play Osmo was an instant hit with Ben! We love this fusion of technology, play and learning. Thank you, Play Osmo!

There are a bunch of fun games for all age sets, so head to PlayOsmo for more! 

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