Magic at Home: DIY Watermelon Dress

One in a Melon!

Today is National Watermelon Day! To celebrate, I have another easy DIY tutorial for you all. So grab your glue guns and felt because today we're making a simple, no sew, watermelon dress!

Sweet Summer Fruit Style
Watermelon is not only a summertime favorite fruit, but can also be styled in the most adorable of ways! Wait, what?! Yes, you heard me right, with some craft imagination, a few pieces of felt and your trusty glue gun you can have some style that is "one in a melon". Here we go!

What You'll Need:
-Colored Felt (Dark Green, Light Green, Black)
-Glue Gun
-Basic Red or Pink Dress/Top

Watermelon Dress Instructions:

1. Using your dark green felt, cut a band that will cover the bottom hem of your dress. You may need multiple pieces if you have a circle type of hem on your top or dress.

2. Using your light green felt, cut a thinner piece of fabric to be used as the lighter shade of your "rind". You can cut about 1/2 the size of your dark green piece. I usually just eyeball the width of both to my liking.

3. Glue your green "rind" pieces onto your dress/top hem.

3. Using your black felt, cut out your watermelon "seeds". I used a standard rounded tear drop shape for my seeds. Again, the amount of seeds you'll need to cut out will be up to your dress or top you're using. For my dress I used about 12 seeds total.

4. Glue seeds onto your dress.
**Tip** Test out your seed placement before finalizing any gluing. This way you can make any adjustments if something doesn't look symmetrical.

5. Enjoy the watermelon dress goodness!

You're One in a Melon
And there you have it! Another easy, no sew, DIY dress with a summertime fruit spin. You'll definitely feel like a "melon" bucks in this one. Happy watermelon day and as always, thank you for reading along! 💜

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