Magic at Home: DIY Halloween Planters

Get your SPOOK on with these Halloween inspired Mickey planters!Ready to add a little Halloween-time fun into your home? Today I'm showing you an easy to create DIY featuring our favorite magical mouse with a side of spooky!

Boo to you!
It's only September, but as 2020 has proved, anything goes this year! That includes starting the spooky season early. Let's be honest, any excuse to add any bits of joy or happiness right now is more than welcome. And in our house, that means Halloween is coming early!

So today's post is an easy DIY that was inspired by two things that personally bring a lot of magic at the moment: Disney Halloween and plants. I wanted to dream up a craft that would serve a purpose beyond just cute decor and that's when the idea came: spooky planters! I love placing fresh flowers and having live plants indoors. So why not combine the two? So grab your glue guns because today we're creating a Halloween trio of planters!

What You'll Need:
- Craft Foam
- Glue Gun
- Scissors
- Plants or Floral for finishing touches
- *Optional* If you choose to use floral instead of a potted plant, you can add a floral foam block inside the planter.

How to Make Your Mickey Inspired Halloween Planters:

1. Cut out eyes, nose, mouth, mouse ears, and any detailing pieces out of craft foam for your Mickey inspired characters. I chose to do a pumpkin, ghost and bat to match the colors of planters I had on hand. I freehand most of the details, but if you find yourself having a hard time you can print a template (shrink down to size) and trace onto your felt with pen or pencil to make the cut outs easier. Here's a Mickey sample from Disney Family.

2. Using your glue gun attach pieces your details onto your planters! You can also bypass gluing your "ears" by cutting a slit into your circle and adding to the edge of your planter as well.

3. Poof! You're done. Fill your planters with your favorite little plants, succulents or floral for a spooky and cute touch to your home!

Terrifying Trio of Cute
There you have it! A terrifying trio of cute Mickey inspired planters. The best part about this project is the endless amount of creativity and characters you can create. The sky is the limit with Halloween fun. I hope you enjoyed this spooktacular and easy DIY for your home. Until next time, take care! 💜

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