Magic at Home: DIY Spring Mouse Pillow

Celebrate the Spring season with a soft & adorable seasonal DIY!

Looking for a fun and easy way to add a little Springtime magic into your home? How about a colorful, no sew mouse inspired pillow to add a little seasonal flair?! Read on for more!

Hello Spring! 

Spring is officially here and I’m kicking it off in the best way I know how, with a little craft session. I don’t know about you, but the spring season always gets me feeling all the pastel color vibes. I love bringing in a dose of color and fun to get into the seasonal spirit. There's nothing more magical than having a bit of fresh Spring decor scattered around the house, but with an active toddler in tow, most of our decor needs to be pretty bump/throw/nudge proof... You know, just incase of the occasional "mishap". So what better way to add in the spring craft love than with this soft, no sew, DIY mouse inspired pillow! It's the perfect way to add a little colorful vibes for the Spring!

What You’ll Need

- multi colored felt

- glue gun

- poly-fil stuffing

- fabric pen or pen

- scissors 

How to create your spring mouse pillow:

1. Trace and cut your colored felt into two separate “mouse” shapes. I have a Mickey Mouse felt board that I use as a general shape guide. It was purchased from Michael's Crafts a few years ago, but you can find some standard Mickey silhouette shapes for tracing online or on the official pages. 

2. Using your glue gun, carefully glue the inside edges of your felt together. Try to keep the glue as uniform along the edges as possible to create the smoothest pillow shape. Leave about 2 inches of the pillow unglued at the top as your “stuffing” opening.

3. Using your Poly-Fil stuffing, add as much filling as you’d like to the desired fluffiness. **Tip: use a chopstick or Pencil to carefully even out the filling in the ear or edge portions.**

4. Once filled, use your glue gun to close off the opening. 

5. Decorate! I added colorful bows to my mouse pillows for some extra Spring pizazz. You can add whatever you like to make each pillow your own!

6. Enjoy!

Soft Spring Flair

With just a few easy steps, you can create your own bunch of springtime magic in the form of these adorable mouse pillows! Make them as big or as small as you’d like and let them add a little spring flair into your home! 💜

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