A Closer Look: Disney Store Shibuya

One of the most magical places you'll encounter in Tokyo is the Disney Store Shibuya. It's located in the heart of Shibuya, Tokyo and is complete Disney bliss! Here you'll find three levels of wonderfully imaginative themed details and what it's most famous for... the cutest Disney merchandise you'll ever lay your eyes on. Don't believe me? Join along for a closer look at the Shibuya Disney Store.

The most magical Disney Store in the world!

A closer look
Upon walking up to the Disney Store you're greeted by the Disney Castle exterior. You heard that right, it literally looks like a Disney castle from the outside!

Something magical awaits...
The Disney Store Shibuya!
A magical entrance fit for Disney royalty 
When you walk in, you're welcomed by the whatever is the latest seasonal or "in" merchandise currently in stock. On day 1 of our travels the "UniBEARsity" line was featured on the first floor, but on day 10 of our trip, it was the newly released "Disney Cats" collection.
A gorgeous "UniBEARsity" dress on display!
Disney Cats collection.

A walk through Wonderland
To get to the 2nd level you literally walk through Wonderland!
A White Rabbit spotting!

Take note that the stairways are super narrow and spiraled, so on a busy shopping day it will feel a tad crowded. Upon exiting the Wonderland stairway you're greeted by level 2 of Disney merch heaven!

Seasonal offerings: Valentine's Day Baymax 💗

Sleepy character cuteness!
Disney Beauty merch!
"Sleepy" Disney pals 😉
Cute card holders! Perfect for train cards, Disney tickets and more!
Lots of cute little pouches.
Ahh! These embroidered totes and bags were beyond adorable!

Bernard and Bianca/Zootopia Tsums!
Adorable sleepy Minnie.
A Minnie headband that I'll probably never use...but had to have 😂

From Neverland to the 3rd floor!
There's another stairwell that you take to get to the 3rd and final floor. This staircase is themed after Peter Pan! When you exit the stairwell, be sure to look back to catch a glimpse of Tink!
I spy a familiar Peter Pan shaped shadow...
A Tinkerbell cameo awaits at the top of the 3rd floor stairwell!

What you'll find on the third floor is... more merchandise!
Magical Princess teacup sets!
Ufufy heaven!
Super cute Ufufy keychains!
Disney merch bliss!
Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket Counter
There's also another unique feature on the 3rd floor, an official Tokyo Disney Resort ticket counter. Here you can purchase your tickets in advance to the parks. Why is this important? Well, if you're a Disney fan visiting Japan, it's more than likely that you'll be visiting the Tokyo parks and if you've done your research you know how important it is to have your tickets purchased prior to beat the crowds.

Quick Notes for the Disney Store Shibuya:
-Merchandise stock changes every few days! No, really... in the span of the 10 days we were in Japan, each time we'd visit a Disney Store there was something new in stock. So if you're visiting and on the hunt for cute merchandise, check back at the end of your travels and it's more than likely that you'll find some new goodies in stock.
Be sure to check out the clearance section of the Disney Store. You can find magical deals like these cuties at 50% off!
-Tax free shopping! You'll notice while shopping in Japan that there are tons of stores featuring a promotion called "tax fee shopping". It's an added perk at certain shopping destinations, the Disney Store included. Basically, when you spend over a certain amount at the Disney Store, you can get your purchase tax free! You will need to have your passport with you for this to work. So if you're heading out for a shopping binge, be sure to have your passport handy.

-There a tons of Disney Store Japan locations around Tokyo and in the major cities around Japan. We've been able to find at least one store in each of "out of Tokyo" adventures in Kyoto and Sapporo. There's also a rather large Disney Store located in Ikspiari, the Downtown Disney equivalent of the Tokyo Disney Resort. Merchandise is pretty much the same in all locations, but some stores have their own special collections for their specific store, so be on the lookout for those!
An example of a Disney Store location exclusive: A special edition Tsum Tsum set found only at the Harajuku location.

Up Next
I hope you've enjoyed taking a closer look into the Disney Store in Shibuya! I definitely consider this my favorite location all due to the amazing little details the store includes. Thank you for reading along and once again, stay tuned for my next post where i'll be recapping all the adventures we had during day 2 of our travels in Japan! 💜

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