PB&J Adventures: Tokyo Disneyland part 1

Welcome back to the happiest part of our Japan travels! Thank you for bearing with me as I recap what I'm sure will be a handful of magic filled posts covering our most recent adventures through Tokyo Disney.

An afternoon in Tokyo Disneyland
We happened to arrive at the Tokyo Disney Resort around noon, so we decided to go and play in the parks for a few hours until check in time at the Disneyland Hotel.

Character Invasion
Tokyo Disney is where it's at if you've ever wanted to encounter a random obscure Disney character! When you enter Tokyo Disneyland's entrance plaza, there's bound to be handful of Disney characters hanging around for meet and greet opportunities. The system for meeting characters at Tokyo Disneyland is definitely an interesting one to say the least. Unlike in the U.S parks, there isn't usually an organized line to meet a character, a crowd usually forms around them and you do what you can to try and get their attention for a photo, lol. Crazy, right? We ended up having some luck with meeting some Disney pals, including the infamous "scary fairy godmother". She's notoriously one of the creepiest looking characters at the park.

Entering a Frozen Fantasy
The seasonal event during our winter visit was called "Frozen Fantasy" and featured a literal takeover of Frozen around the park! The entrance gave us a glimpse of all the Frozen goodness to come on the inside of the park.

World Bazaar
 Tokyo Disneyland's version of our Main St. USA is called World Bazaar. It's super unique in that the entire street is covered with a glass canopy! It's beautiful and definitely helps during the rainy days in spring, the cold in winter and a relief from heat during the summer. Elsa took over the enter of World Bazaar with her ice chandelier proudly on display!

Another feature that makes World Bazaar so unique is that it has two outlets mid way that lead you two other portions of the park. One path leads you directly into Tomorrowland and the other takes you down another quaint side street into their Adventureland area.

All the Merch!
I'll probably be dedicating a whole other post solely to all the merch goodness Tokyo Disney has to offer, but for now a look into the very first order of business at Tokyo Disneyland: Shopping!

I don't know about you, but I always feel so incomplete without a fun Disney accessory when I'm at the parks. So my first purchase at the park had to be a fun Tokyo Disney hat. We had some fun trying on different options. In the end, I chose what else? An Alien hat! When you push on the ends, his hands wave! So cute!

Camp Woodchuck
The next best thing to all the Tokyo Disney merch is the food at the parks! The food options are some of the best and yummiest eats out of any Disney park. We decided our first meal at Tokyo Disneyland would be at the new Camp Woodchuck, located over in the back of Frontierland. We had previously eaten at the restaurant that was originally located here and loved their fried chicken, so we were hopeful that it's new replacement would have the same yummy food offerings.

Camp Woodchuck was absolutely adorable! You order your meal outside the main building and the eating area is indoors sporting a cute wilderness camp theme featuring Donald Duck, Huey, Dewie and Louie.

Camp Woodchuck had it's own adorable merch!

So how was it? Not bad! The restaurant's theme alone is worth a visit, but the food was also quite yummy. PB got a spicy shrimp and avocado sandwich and I got the fried chicken waffle sandwich. We've previously received questions about the language barrier, especially when it came to how to go about ordering food. Honestly, you won't have any issues! All of the restaurants have english or at the very least, photo menus. When you go up to order, more than likely, the CM will know a bit of English, and if not, there's always the "point to a photo" option.
Yummy fried chicken waffle sandwich.
Cinderella's Castle and a Frozen Takeover
Stuffed from our yummy lunch, we headed over to take a few photos around the castle and wander in the beauty of being at Tokyo Disneyland. We also picked up some of the winter seasonal food offerings, like the "Snowgie" snack. It was a steamed bun filled with different types of creams, a chicken cream, a salmon crean (weird, but oddly good), a strawberry cream and I believe a red bean type cream!

A "Snowgie" steam bun = YUM!
 Out of this world mochi!
The snack game is strong at Tokyo Disneyland. One of our favorite snacks is the Alien mochi dumplings. They're sweet mochi dumplings filled with different cream flavors like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. While we were at the park, there was a special promotion going on called the "super size" with a whopping 9 mochi snacks in one serving! The average snack size is a mere 3 dumplings, so this massive treat is definitely one that is sharable, or in our case, 7 for J and 2 for PB, lol!
A Super sized serving of mochi!

Day to Night
After shopping, lunch and lots of photo taking it was about time to check into the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. We checked in to our room, freshened up and after a rest, headed back into Tokyo Disneyland for the remainder of the evening. We caught the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical parade which is like a bigger, badder version of the original currently in California. The floats are amazing, the music is nostalgic and it's not to be missed!
Elsa's chandelier was gorgeous at night!


Genie is one of the highlight's of Tokyo Disneyland's Electrical Parade!

Hungry Bears
After the parade we headed over to one of our favorite quick service restaurant spots in Disneyland: The Hungry Bear. Don't let the name confuse you with it's California counterpart. You won't find funnel cakes or burgers here, but instead encounter the yummiest Japanese curry, ever!
Some of the yummiest Japanese curry!
Ride all the Rides!
After dinner, PB and I realized we still hadn't been on a single ride, lol. We have visited the parks so much that at this point, being at Tokyo Disneyland was mainly for soaking in the atmosphere rather than getting on as many rides as possible. We love that we can pick and choose which rides to go on because we like them, rather than just riding for the sake of riding. With crowd levels dying down towards the end of the night we hopped on my favorite "It's a Small World" which will be closing at Tokyo for a year for a lengthy refurb. We also hopped on over to our mutual favorite at Tokyo Disneyland, Pooh's Hunny Hunt! The latter is quite an amazing ride, it blew us away the first time we rode it, so it gets a PB&J stamp of approval and makes the "Ultimate Disney Ride" list!

Pooh's Hunny Hunt queue is quite amazing.

Tokyo Disney is pretty strict about photos and video recording on some rides, but PB sneaked in a lone shot of the ride!

Had to ride my favorite to end the night!

The gorgeous Mary Blair inspired murals inside the Small World queue!

Goodnight, Tokyo Disneyland!
After an exhilarating first day at Disneyland, it was time to say goodnight and rest up for a full day at DisneySea.

Thank you for reading along on our Tokyo Disneyland adventures, day 1. Stay tuned for my next post which I'm sure will be filled with all sorts of Tokyo Disney Resort goodness! 💜

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  1. That Elsa chandelier is just gorgeous! I have been so excited to follow along on this Tokyo journey with you both and can't wait to see what the next post brings!


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