Baby Bumps & a Little Check In

It's time for a pregnancy check in! We've officially hit the third trimester with Baby PB&J and we couldn't be more thrilled!
Baby Bumps & Ice Cream at the Museum of Ice Cream SF
Each day has felt like such a blessing with our little rainbow and we're cherishing every moment as the days pass!

Bumpin' it
We've been bump tracking each week to watch the growth progress of our son. This was something we never got to really start with our angel son since he passed right after our first "bump" photo. I was definitely hesitant at first to do a new bump tracker with our little rainbow. Just considered tracking again brought back so many memories and emotions from our angel son. But with a lot of thought and consideration, I realized that holding myself back from these precious baby moments would be something I'd regret later on. So we went ahead and started tracking, this time with no rhyme or reason to our "tracker" theme. We were just so thankful with each week that passed that we'd take whatever fun moment or adventure we were on during that time to track our rainbow son's growth!
It's been amazing to watch my belly grow as the weeks go by!

Another huge change since our little one was announced has been my early leave from work. I love my job, it's a huge part of what makes me who I am. My job always felt like it gave me a purpose in life and I loved my co-workers so much! It was like a family in our classroom and it always brought me so much joy to be with everyone each day. For those that don't know, I work in a special education for a school district specializing in an SDC (Special Day Class) classroom with kindergarteners/first graders with autism. Unfortunately, the new school year came with a few new challenges in regards to physicality which proved to be a little too much for this pregnancy. My doctor's were concerned about mine and the baby's safety and overall health, so they had me go on medical maternity leave a few months earlier than expected. The good news is that me and baby are okay, but the early absence from work has definitely been quite a transition. I'm not used to just being off from work and not having a routine schedule. I miss the students and my coworkers dearly, too! But from what my fellow mama-friends have said is that this time off is a good thing. They've all told me to use this time to soak in all the pregnancy moments, relaxation and rest I can get now. Basically enjoy all the "me" time as possible before it all becomes about our baby PB&J! Plus, it gives me tons of time to cuddle with my Datsy in the mornings... which as you can tell below, he's THRILLED about 😂
Mornings with Datsy!
Baby Prep
Now that we're down to the last trimester it's really starting to "get real" for us that our little one will be here soon! Baby PB&J is kicking like crazy now, so he's making his presence known all day long. We're steadily growing our baby book library and reading to our little peanut each night. Slowly, our baby registry items are coming in and our home is starting to show many happy hints of a bundle of joy on the way! Oh, and I can fully admit that this mama to be is becoming a baby clothes addict! Anytime I see anything cute it throws me into adorable overload!
We are so incredibly thankful, each and every day for our little miracle. As each week passes, as my belly grows, as the kicks get harder, I can't help but pinch myself a little. I pinch myself to make sure this is all real, that we really do have a rainbow on the way. This journey we've been on to start our PB&J family has truly been a crazy one, but we are thankful for those hard moments because it makes us appreciate this bright path we're on now. This journey has been nothing short of a beautiful miracle. Here's to the last trimester and for all the wonderful things ahead! 💜

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