Happy Halloween from PB&J!

Happy Halloween! Wishing everyone a spooktacular day/night!

Here's a look back at our greatest and most frightfully fun PB&J Halloween moments over the years, including our most recent family costume: Literal PB&J, complete with our toast slice (Datsy) and our very own Peanut on the way!

 2017 "Peter Butter, Jelly Jenn, Baby Peanut and Datsy Toast"
A very PB&J Halloween 2017!

2016 "Finding Dory (& Gerald)
When you let your husband decide what theme to go as..... He chooses Gerald the Sea Lion
Our family Halloween photo (Nemo Datsy, Gerald & Dory!)

2015 "Star Wars"
Darth Datsy, Leia and Chewie

2014 "Frozen"
Asian Anna and Olaf! 
Datsy Sven, Olaf and Asian Anna
2013 "Lazy Mish Mash"
*The one year we didn't have a set family costume since we were flying out to Tokyo Disney the next day! We threw together a random assortment of Disney accessories to pass off as "costumes" 😂

2012 "To Infinity and Beyond!"
Evil Emperor ZURG aka Datsy, my favorite LGM and Buzz!

We can't wait for next year's family photos since our little rainbow will be with us! Until then, Happy Halloween everyone! 💜

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