Disneyland's 21 Royal

When you're a Disney fan there are certain experiences that you are bound to have on your #DisneyBucketlist. For me, one of those bucket list items was to experience the Disneyland Dream Suite. I thought it would be one of those impossible dreams... that is until it finally came true one magical night in October!

Dream Suite Dreams
When PB and I first began dating, Disneyland was hosting their "Year of a Million Dreams" where the resort made a wide range of amazing Disney wishes come true for their guests. From surprise ears, FastPasses and experiences, it was a truly memorable event. I remember one of the grand prizes was a magical stay in the  new Disneyland Dream Suite. The Dream Suite was originally planned to be Walt and Lillian Disney's private apartment in the park. Sadly, that never came to be since Walt passed before it came to life. During the "Year of a Million Dreams" though, imagineers decided to fulfill Walt's vision and create the "Dream Suite" in an almost exact replica of what he and Lillian would have wanted. What resulted was a gorgeous location filled with more magic than can be described! Ever since hearing and seeing the previews about the suite, I had instantly fallen in love! I knew it was close to impossible to be one of the lucky few winners to get to stay the night in the suite, but I always kept hope that one day I'd be able to see the suite's beauty for myself.

We got the chance to actually step into the Dream Suite in 2014 during our "Walk in Walt's Footsteps" tour. Although we only spent about an hour in the Suite, our brief time with our tour group was amazing!

21 Royal Street
Just when I thought my Disney Dream Suite Dreams were done, came the most magical opportunity. PB and I got word from our "fairy godmothers" at Disney about a new experience coming to Disneyland called 21 Royal Street. It was a new, exclusive,  private dining experience coming to the park, think Club 33 x100. Disney's star chefs would be preparing a custom gourmet meal for you and up to 12 guests. You'd be dining in the utmost elegance, in the private dining room that Walt Disney had always envisioned. And the cherry on top? This all takes place within the Disneyland Dream Suite aka Disneyland's 21 Royal. WOW doesn't even begin to cover it!

PB and I knew that 21 Royal would require an out of this world reason to book the experience. We reflected on the past year we had and what was ahead for us in the future. It came down to realizing that we had so much to celebrate this year. Our rainbow baby has made us feel so incredibly thankful for how life has turned out and we wanted to find a reason to celebrate the fact that we're expecting a miracle. So we started the booking process and decided that if we timed it right, we could throw in a few other "celebrations" into the event like our 7 year wedding anniversary and my 34th birthday! We called our 21 Royal event a "celebration of love and hope" since that what it truly was, a way to honor the experiences we had both faced, suriving the pain of loss to find a rainbow on the other side and most importantly, that love will always conquer all!

Our 21 Royal crew
Throughout our darkest moments when we lost our son, a handful of beautiful souls in our real lives helped support us and find our smiles again. They say in your hardest moments you find out who will be there for you the most and it truly showed. In the end... my family was there for us, unconditionally. They were the ones who never hesitated to be there for us, they came over bearing food, made us laugh, offered to be our shoulders to cry on. They were there for us, through thick and thin. As a thank you, we knew we wanted to include them in our special event. So we invited 10 of our closest family and loved ones for a Disney filled weekend and our "royal" event!

Let the magic begin!
On October 6th, with our loved ones by our side, we began the magical experience of 21 Royal! I'll let the photos do the talking since words can't describe how incredible the experience was!

Getting picked up by our VIP escort to be whisked away for our magical evening.

Mickey Meet and Greet
PB and I wanted to infuse as much magic for our loved ones as possible, so we arranged for a surprise private meet and greet with the head cheese himself in Toontown to kick off the festivities.
We all dressed in our fanciest glam best! We asked each couple to pick a color of the rainbow in honor of our little rainbow baby!

Disney history, castles and a stroll through the park
After our photo stop, our amazing 21 Royal butler, Paul walked us through the park telling us about Disneyland's history. It was so neat to hear about the different trivia and facts that even this Disney geek didn't know about!
We were able to stop by the castle to get some memorable photos in. PB and I have had our share of beautiful memories in front of this castle, so being able to stop and do this was truly another magical moment for our PB&J adventure book!

A true "Dream Suite" come true
After our castle photos, we were escorted to our final destination of the night, 21 Royal and the Disneyland Dream Suite! It was the most surreal moment to walk up that staircase and be welcome into the suite.

"Welcome to your home for the night" literally the most magical words to our ears that night. I had never, ever imagined that I'd get to be inside the Dream Suite again and here we were being told to make ourselves at home!
Our wonderful 21 Royal Butler, Paul took this "Before" the 21 Royal experience photo of our group! Just wait to see the "after"...

Together with our loved ones, we were treated to the most spectacular drinks, *Thank you for the most creative non-alcoholic drinks for this preggo, too!* and hors d'oeuvres. We also got to roam the suite and were encouraged to explore each magical element in every room!

The main event
We were then called into the spectacular dining room. The private dining room Walt had envisioned for his own guests, but now were were sitting in it ourselves!
Once seated, we were treated to what can only be described as the most delicious and amazing meal we've all ever had! Literally 7 courses of food heaven.
Just as our amazing meal was winding down came the *sweetest* surprise. Literally! Chef Gracie from the Disneyland baking team has been the creator of some of our most beautiful celebration cakes over the years and being the dessert chef for our Royal evening, she created a special surprise for our event: our #PBJrainbowbaby cake! Dole whip flavor and all!
Our beautiful Rainbow Peanut cake!
So thankful for Chef Gracie, her talent and kindness!

Fireworks from the most spectacular perspective
Our spectacular evening capped off with the most magical viewing of the special Halloween fireworks from 21 Royal's balcony. This had to be one of the most memorable moments of the night. We were already so in awe of how amazing the night had went, this was the perfect ending to our Royal evening.
Unforgettable 💕

Good night 21 Royal
After the magical fireworks viewing, our group said our final good bye's to our epic Royal evening. We were given special parting gifts from the staff to conclude our evening, along with our "after" group photo to show how much fun we all had during the evening! 😂

Our group "after" 21 Royal shot! You can definitely tell we had a blast!

Memories to last a lifetime and complete gratitude 
To say that 21 Royal was a dream come true is an understatement. It was so, so much more! The entire evening, from the venue, the incredible food, the chefs, the service, the most welcoming staff... all made our Royal celebration of "love & hope" one that we will never forget!

We can't express our gratitude, our most heartfelt thanks to the staff of 21 Royal. Every single person we met that evening made us feel right at home and provided the most incredible service. Everyone there truly became a part of our family for that night and we thank them all for their kindness! And a special thank you to the most amazing butler, Paul! You are an honorary part of our crazy family now, thank you for making our evening the best night, ever.

This was truly a night where dreams came true and I'm forever thankful for the experience. Thank you, PB for always making my dreams come true and thank you to 21 Royal 💜

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