November PB&J Loves List!

November PB&J Mama Loves List!

Pregnancy has brought about so many wonderful moments with our little rainbow on the way! From watching my baby bump grow, to discovering all the fun this journey has along the way, it's brought about so much love and happiness into our little PB&J world.

In what I'm hoping I can do every so often is a "PB&J Loves" list! It'd basically be a few of my favorite things that I've come across, bought or been gifted that'd I'd love to share with you all. So let's get to some of my November favorite things: Mama edition!

Disney Baby
For this Disney loving mama, Disney Baby has been my absolute favorite "go to" for outfitting and prepping for Baby PB&J's arrival! I'm truly becoming addicted to baby clothes shopping for our little one. And yes, I know he'll be growing out of his clothing in the blink of an eye, but I can't help it when I find the cutest items like this:
Fun fact about this alien sweater, I had originally seen a version of it at Tokyo Disney during our Healing Trip last February. We didn't pick it up since we were still healing from the loss of our angel son, but I remember taking a photo and mentioning that "someday" I'd be able to find and use it for a little rainbow. That "someday" has become present day and now we have one for our little miracle to wear when he arrives!
The original Alien sweater I saw at Tokyo Disney the year before!
Another beautiful thing I've found during this pregnancy is the kindness from my beautiful friends on here! Social Media is the most amazing thing, it has connected me with some of the sweetest souls, fellow mamas, Disney fans and more. Not only has their support been amazing, but some have even sent some generous and amazing gifts our way for baby PB&J! 
Our little one is Mouseketeer ready, all thanks for my dear friend Naylise!

I have been told over and over again that babies grow so quickly that they end up growing out of their clothing super fast or never even get to wear certain items. My fellow Disney mama, Rachel contacted me and generously donated an entire boxful of her son's old Disney Baby clothing! This was something that truly touched my heart and I hope to continue this act of kindness and donate Baby PB&J's Disney clothing to another fellow expecting Disney mama in the future, too!
Box full of the cutest Disney Baby clothes!
Books on Books on Books!
One of our favorite pastimes right now is reading to Baby PB&J each night! Our little one already has a growing baby book library. It's been the most amazing thing to read to him and feel him respond with his little (or really BIG) kicks when story time starts!

One beautiful book we have come across has been from "I See Me!" personalized books. I See Me! specializes in personalized children's books that are beyond adorable. They even have a line of Pet themed books that are guaranteed to be the cutest pet book you'll ever read! You can customize the pet to look like your own fur baby and some book sets even come with a personalized bandana and placemat for your pup! We got one personalized for our first "baby", our frenchie, Datsyuk. Let's just say that this book has been our #1 to read to both Baby PB&J and Datsy on a daily basis since it has arrived!
How adorable is this personalized book based on Datsyuk?! 
Not only are these adorable books a joy for kids (or your fur baby), but the company is doing something quite wonderful in honor of the holiday season. I See Me! books is participating in the Letters of Love campaign which is a collaboration with the Children's Cancer Research Fund (CCRF). It's so simple to do, just go to the site and write a few encouraging words of hope and love to a child. For every 50 letters I See Me! receives, they'll donate a personalized book to a child supported by the CCRF. You can also donate directly to the CCRF and spread a little joy to a child who may need it this year!
Write a letter for a great cause with I See Me! and their "Letters of Love" 

Maternity Style
The last thing on my "loves" list this month is my love of all things comfy and lovely for my growing baby belly. Maternity wear!

I was sent a pair of these amazing SRC Pregnancy Leggings to review and I can honestly say that I absolutely love them! They are a specially designed pair of leggings for the mom to be in mind. They provide a gentle compression to help improve stability, reduce swelling and improve muscle tone. The compression was something I was worried about at first, but once the leggings are on, they feel so comfortable. I can liken the feeling to that of wearing tights, lightweight and providing support. The leggings can be worn alone and have a great "activewear" look to them. They're also thin enough to wear underneath clothing, so a big plus for those chilly winter months coming up. The leggings can also can help reduce pelvic pain due to it's ergonomic structure and provide support to where you need it most during pregnancy. All in all, a big win!

As much as I love pregnancy and my growing bump, I have been having the non fun aspects that come with a changing body, the aches and pains. I have a small case of pregnancy sciatica and now that I'm in my 3rd trimester, the pregnancy aches have been coming in full force (hello, hip discomfort!). Daily activities used to be quite tiresome, but thankfully, with stretching, light exercise and support like SRC Leggings, I have been able to manage the physical aches and stay active!
These leggings are a staple whenever I head out for a walk!
SRC Leggings helping me & Datsy stay active during pregnancy!
Not only do SRC leggings help support your changing body during pregnancy, but they also have a line of recovery leggings and shorts to help after birth. Obviously I'm not at that stage yet, but I'll be happily wearing a pair of their recovery leggings once our little one arrives!

Check out SRC Leggings entire line of pregnancy leggings and shorts HERE (SRC Health)
**SRC Leggings were sent to this mama in exchange for an honest product review**

A huge thank you to the beautiful friends for supply Baby PB&J with so much upcoming Disney Style! Also a thank you to I See Me! books for being a source of such creative and adorable personalized books. Also a huge shout out to SRC Health Leggings for providing the amazing pregnancy leggings that have helped keep me active and in maternity style.

Thank you for reading along, everyone! 💜

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