Meet Benjamin Apollo

Hello World! 

We're overjoyed for you all to meet our rainbow: Benjamin Apollo.

A big introduction to the world!
Our little miracle entered the world on Saturday, December 31st at 4:38pm. He weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 20.5in long! Our doctor's were so surprised at how big our little guy was at birth since we all thought he'd just be around 6lbs. Boy, were we surprised!

Ben's arrival into the world wouldn't have been complete without a few hiccups. So it was definitely an adventure all the way until his actual arrival. Due to my recent medical complications with my abnormal blood vessels, we had to have a planned C-Section delivery to prevent any major complications a natural birth could have presented. 

We had known about Ben's scheduled arrival date, December 30th, for about 2 weeks beforehand but each day leading up to the big day was filled with such anxiety that I'd go into early labor! So when made it to December 29th knowing that we'd reach our intended delivery date, my family threw Peter and I an early "New Year's before Ben's Arrival" party! We had a mock countdown, an early birthday cake for Ben and one last hurrah before becoming parents!
Pretend New Year's celebration since we'd be in the hospital for the actual NYE!
December 30th
The morning of the 30th rolled around, I was officially 39 weeks and the reality set in that our little guy would be with us before nightfall!
Right before leaving for the hospital. One last shot with our first "baby" Datsy!
We set off for the hospital at 9am with a scheduled delivery time of 11am, but the moment we arrived at the hospital we were told that the labor & delivery until was at full capacity and there was an emergency c-section possibly happening before my delivery. We ended up waiting for about 6 hours in the hospital with not knowing if our little one would even arrive on the 30th! Then as 3:30pm rolled around, our team of doctor's came into our room and said "it's go time!!!"
An anxious mama patiently awaiting the arrival of her rainbow!

That life changing moment
The emotions that run through you as you prepare to welcome your child into the world are indescribable. I was given the option of either being wheeled into the operating room or to walk to the room next door and I chose to walk. My family got to line the hallway leading into the operating room and all saw me off on my final walk pregnant and pre-mom. As I was given my spinal anesthesia and all the doctor's came into the room to begin, I took mental note of everything since PB was still being "scrubbed" in. I took my final few moments of thinking of how life was before and what life would be like in just a few short minutes from that moment. Then the curtain went up and PB was brought in to be by my side. The doctor's kept the mood light in the room asking what my first meal would be post-pregnancy, talking about how their holidays had went, cracking jokes and just keeping the vibe positive which I much appreciated. Then things got real. They walked me through all the steps they were going through beyond the curtain. Thankfully I couldn't feel a thing except for a few moments of pressure and tugging. They had explained to me pre-surgery that the entire C-section would take about 40 minutes start to finish, but the baby would be out within minutes and the remainder of the time would be working on me. 

After a few minutes had passed, we heard my doctor say "here we go, he's almost here!" and a few short moments after that we heard "He's here!". It felt like eternity until we heard his first cry, that was all I wanted to hear...him. Then a few short seconds later we heard a little wail, our son was finally here! And oh boy did he have a set of lungs on him, lol! They brought him around the curtain to show him to Peter and I and the second we saw his little face we both just lost it. Endless tears and smiles! Our little miracle rainbow was finally here!
The first time laying my eyes on our little miracle!

More than just a name
Benjamin Apollo. We've been asked by our loved ones numerous times on how we selected our little Ben's name. We put a lot of thought into coming up with a name for our little one. We knew it had to be special! We've forever been known as a duo as PB&J, but know that we'd be a trio, we wanted to incorporate our baby's name into the mix, so we came up with Benjamin for the "B" on our "PB&J" family sandwich!

What about Apollo? No, contrary to what my entire family thought, thinking our little one's name was based off the speed skater Apollo Aton Ono, we did NOT name him after him, lol! Peter is a huge NASA and space geek. One of the most famous space programs out of NASA was the Apollo program which sent the first men to the moon! Not only was Apollo a way to incorporate PB's love for space, but Apollo is also considered the Greek god of light and music. Another two things that are important to us as a duo!

Finally, our family happily ever after!
Our little Benjamin has brought so much love, light and happiness into our PB&J world. We can't believe he's finally here with us to complete our family happily ever after. As we enter into parenthood with our newborn, we're discovering all the different joys, challenges and new adventures that life now has in store for us. We can't wait to share all the fun to come with our little Benjamin Apollo!

Thank you so much for reading along and for following with us on our journey! Here's to all the wonderful new things to come in the future! 🌈

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