PB&J memories: Baby Bump Style!

A loving look back today at all of the baby bump style that happened throughout our rainbow baby journey!

Bittersweet baby bump history
When it came to my beloved baby bump, I initially didn't have a "theme" set in mind. I was still too anxious early on in our pregnancy journey to settle on a theme. You see, the last time we were pregnant with our angel son, I had knew from early on that I wanted this elaborate "It's a Small World" theme, complete with a giant Small World facade background. PB and I worked tirelessly to cut, design and create a faux Small World baby bump backdrop that we would end up only using once before our angel son had passed halfway through our pregnancy last year. So this time around, we ditched the elaborate backgrounds and for a while, even the bump tracking. I guess it was just my way of not wanting to jinx our rainbow pregnancy. I was being extra cautious this time around to prevent any future heartache, if any, with our rainbow son.

Bittersweet memories to our first bump tracker with our angel son 

A new beginning full of love and Disney magic
When we made it to the half way point with our rainbow pregnancy and passed our testing/scans with our little miracle, I knew I wanted to try chronicling my pregnancy again. This time around though, I wanted to do things differently. I was thinking back on what made me the happiest and what I wanted to try and share with my little rainbow baby bump. That's when "Disney Style" popped in my head. Disney style, Disney fashion, and all things Disney love has always held a special place in my heart. So what better way to infuse that love than with a little dose of Disney style for each week that would pass!

Beginning at week 22 and all the way up to our final bump week at 39 weeks, I would pick one of my favorite Disney characters or style and infuse it for that week's bump photo! The best part of being able to "style" my bump each week were the fun events or happenings that would take place on certain weeks, like our wedding anniversary or my baby shower!
Our very first bump photo, our gender reveal!
26 weeks celebrated our 7 year anniversary and an "adjustment" to our tradition of re-wearing our wedding attire, lol!
27 weeks was spent in the most Royal of ways with our 21 Royal dinner celebration!

I was so incredibly thankful to just be able to share my little miracle bump with the world. What came next completely blew me away. The amazing social media outlet, Popsugar.com reached out after seeing our rainbow journey and bump photos and asked to share our story. What came next was a whirlwind of love and support from other media outlets like Yahoo and Babble with little features and shares of our rainbow bump journey. What started as our way of documenting this journey of hope, had turned into so much more.

Read our PB&J baby bump tracker feature on Popsugar here: PB&J Bump Tracker article

Thank you all so much for reading along and for letting us share our baby bump memories with you today! Stay tuned for even more Baby PB&J updates soon! 💜

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