Datsy the Frenchie

Today is a very special day at the PB&J house: It's Datsy's Birthday!

Datsy, forever our first "fur"baby. He's a French Bulldog that took over our hearts 6 years ago today!
The very first photo we saw of our lil' Datsy!
Love at first sight
Peter and I knew from the start that we wanted a pup to call our own. Even during our dating days we had talked about adding a dog into our lives, but it wasn't possible since we were living in an apartment at the time. Flash forward a few years, now married and living in our own home. We never let go of the fact that we wanted a dog, so now having the ability to own a dog, we began to search for a doggy to call our own. We had always loved the "squish face" dogs ex. Bulldogs, Pugs... but one breed always stuck out to us: the French Bulldog.

Enter Datsy.

Frenchies are known to be an adorable breed, stubborn, but adorable in so many ways! They're supposed to be good indoor dogs, loyal, loving and pretty much everything else we were looking for in a pup. So when we found a mutual friend who had a Frenchie that just had pups, we knew it was fate!

We met puppy Datsy when he was about 4 weeks old and the moment we laid eyes on Datsy, we knew he was the one. He was the biggest of his bunch, when all his puppy brothers and sisters went and slept, Datsy stayed awake and fell asleep in his food bowl. He captured our hearts the moment we met his little nugget self. 
My very first photo with puppy Datsy!
Welcome home
At exactly 8 weeks Datsy finally got to go home with us. He literally bounced into our home and changed our lives forever! They say that having a puppy is like having a baby in the first few weeks (FALSE now that I have a baby 😂) but it comes pretty darn close. We would have to wake every few hours to let Datsy out to pee and begin potty training. We needed to make sure he had a safe and secure environment. Keeping up a puppy feed/potty/play routine. Thankfully, Datsy's transition home was smoother than expected and within the first few weeks we were on a happy schedule all together!

Over the years
Datsy filled our days with his quirky personality over the years! He's a natural "grumps" as I like to call it. He forever has a grumpy face, or best described "not impressed". For a French Bulldog breed he often goes against what his breed is meant to do, lol! Frenchies are supposed to be indoor loving pups and Datsy can never get enough outdoor time. His favorite activity is sunbathing! Frenchies are supposed to tire easily and love to lounge. Datsy loves any sort of activity and is always on the go.
The classic Datsy "grumps" face!

Datsy was so much part of our lives that we couldn't bear to be without him during our travels. Since he couldn't physically be there with us, I found an alternative way to bring Datsy along on our adventures. I would take photos of Datsy, in destination specific style might I add 😜, and make cutouts of him to take with us. The result? So many fun memories! It was our little way of keeping our pup close to our hearts while we were away from him!
Datsy at the Disney Castles worldwide!
More Disney x Datsy Travels!
Our little guy's adventures with us around the world! From Paris, Italy, Greece, the Maldives and everywhere in between!
Disney Pet
Naturally, since I'm such a Disney geek, poor Datsy is forced to be a Disney pet, too! Datsy has been such a good sport in putting up with his mama's "crazy dog mom" antics

Happy Birthday Datsy!
As you can see, our little pup is loved a thousand times over! So it's no surprise that each year we try to make him feel as special as possible on his birthday.
One year old!
Birthday king for his 2nd Birthday!
3 years young!
Star Wars theme for his 4th bday!
Rainbows & Hearts for a very special 5th birthday
One very special pup
As you can probably tell by now, Datsy is one very special pup. He's warmed our hearts and made each of our days so happy since he's joined our family. From his little (BIG) personality, his quirky mannerisms and his all around lovable self, we couldn't imagine our lives without him! Thank you for making our days so "pawsome. We love you our little furbaby, happy "barkday" 🎂

If you'd like to see more Datsy goodness you can check our his personal Instagram @Datsyuk_the_Frenchie. I don't update his page as often as I used to, but you can find plenty of his past adventures and cuteness on there! For his current happenings and fun with Datsy, keep checking back on my personal Instagram @pbandjellyjenn. Datsy always finds a way to steal the show on there! 😜💜

Happy Birthday Datsy-poo! Thank you for being the king of our hearts these past 6 years!

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