Adventures in PB&J Parenthood: 3 Months!

& just like that, we've made it to 3 months!

I can't believe it, can you?! It literally feels like time is flying by being parents to Benjamin. Whereas month one felt like a crazy, overwhelming initiation into parenthood, I'm extremely happy to say that month three has felt so much more.... "normal" 😀

The new norm
Normal? Why whatever do you mean by "normal"? Well I'm happy to report that PB and I have finally started to adjust to our new norm with having Benjamin in our lives! While the first month was this crazy roller coaster of emotions and lack of sleep, month two brought a glimmer of hope with learning how to be parents without going crazy, and by month three we're finally feeling like real bonafide parents!

I've heard that sometimes the parenting gene just "clicks" for some right off that bat. If you read in my last parenting update post it obviously didn't happen for me right away, but now it finally feels like it has. Apparently it just took me 3 months to finally have that mommy switch finally turn on. It might have helped that PB returned to his Apple EngiNerd duties by returning to work and I was left to pretty much figure it out on my own with Ben. I admit, I was scared the first day PB had to head back to work. Could I do it on my own? Could I handle the entire day with Ben without freaking out? Those first days being a stay-at-home mommy for Ben would either do one of two things: 1. cause a huge emotional breakdown or 2. be okay.

It ended up being okay.

Mommy & me time
The first few days on my own with Ben did have it's challenges. Scenarios like being hooked up to a breast pump, baby crying in the crib next to you, laundry piling up, bottles and dishes in the sink, hardly get your teeth brushed by 2pm come to mind. But then there were also the little moments like getting so much one on one time with little Ben. All the smiles he'd start to give, the giggles, the snuggles that began to emerge. These little love filled moments seemed to make whatever day's hiccups that would arise... feel better. Ben's personality really began to shine through weeks 9-12. He became so much more playful and interactive.

As the days and weeks went on, Ben and I kind of melded into one. We started a great routine together, wake, eat, play, sleep (him only, lol), and repeat! The once overwhelming thought of everything vanished. It really was like something really did finally "click" and the mom gene took over. It's been great to have so much time with my little guy during the week.

Month 3 milestones
The moment Ben turned two months and received his shots/clear from his pediatrician, we've been on the go with lots of local adventures!We've been able to enjoy the outdoors with plenty of walks, still making daily visits with my mom to my grandma. We've even ventured out for different kinds of new outings like lunching out, the grocery store and dun dun da dah.....TARGET!

We're slowly building up our adventures to get Ben used to the great big world. We even booked our biggest adventure to date coming up soon: DISNEYLAND! We can't wait to bring our little rainbow to the happiest place on Earth! As you can probably imagine, this Disney mama is literally counting down the seconds until Ben's first Disney trip and already brainstorming all the family outfits we'll have to wear 😉

Onto month 4
Month three has brought us so many new moments with Ben. We no longer feel that initial wave of "what do we do?!" with our son. We've leaned his behaviors, are distinguishing his cries, getting lots more sleep (YES!) and are just enjoying all the little moments life with Ben brings us! Here's to another month of love, snuggles and our happily ever after with our son 💜

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