Adventures in PB&J Parenthood: 5 Months!

Hello month 5!!!
We have made it to five magical months with our little rainbow, Benjamin! Where has the time gone? It literally feels like yesterday that we were handed our tiny newborn and we embarked on this journey of new parenthood.
Our little Benjamin has had quite the busy month! On his end, he's been growing like crazy! He amazes us each day with how much he's learning and developing. He loves to show off his baby strongman skills by sitting up on his own. He still can be a little "weeble wobble" but he's getting to sit up independence any day now! One of Ben's new found favorite activities is standing! With assistance from mama or dada, he loves to pretend like he's a big boy and stand up big and tall!

A very sweet Mother's Day
Besides all the accomplishments Ben has been achieving on the developmental front, month five has also brought so many new happy memories. The month of May has truly been filled with some of the sweetest memories together as a family. The first and sweetest memories made were for my very first Mother's Day. The past few years have been a literal rollercoaster in regards to Mother's Day. The past two years have seen us begin our family journey, encounter our losses, and have left us feeling bittersweet in regards to the day. This year though was completely different. This year I got to celebrate being a mama to my Ben!
It was a beautiful day filled with endless love and happy memories. A home cooked Mother's Day brunch, a gathering of family and just being able to celebrate the day surrounded by all those that I love. It was truly the sweetest day!

Road Trip!
Month five also brought us new adventures. We embarked on Ben's very first road trip away from home and trekked down to SoCal to visit my sister in Los Angeles and have a mini getaway. Ben did great and loved every minute of his first vacation away from home. We spent quality time with my sister's family, indulged in all the yummy eats and even visited the coolest museum, the Petersen Auto Museum aka PB's Disneyland! Ben loved getting strolled around the amazing cars and PB loved getting to geek out and share his car enthusiasm with his son.

Magical Memories
The most highly anticipated adventure? DISNEYLAND! We finally took Ben to my happiest place on Earth. I'll divulge more about all the magic and fun on a later post, but here's little tease of some of the memories made at Disney:

Thank you for reading along! Stay tuned for a full recap of Ben's 1st Disneyland visit. Here's to another happy month filled with smiles, new milestones and lots of love! 💜

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