May 11, 2018

May 11, a day of hope, love & remembrance

May 11. A date that is ordinary to most people, but holds a world of meaning to our PB&J family.

May 11, 2017
Let's start at the beginning. If you've been following along on this blog or our story in general, you may already know why this date means so much to us. May 11th was the original due date for our pregnancy before Ben. May 11th was our angel son's due date. It' a day that marked the end of a painful chapter in our PB&J adventure book. Our angel's due date was the last milestone we had on the calendar as a reminder of what could have and should have been.

Last year we decided to take a trip to my happy place, Disneyland to help ease the sadness that the day represented. We filled the day with so much love, hope & hearts.

You can catch up on last year's May 11th post HERE.

May 11, 2018
Flash forward a year and here we are today, our family complete all thanks to our rainbow miracle, Baby Ben. Never did we think we'd be blessed with a baby a year later, but here we are, parents to a beautiful baby boy. In many ways we thank our angel son for our little Ben. We truly feel that our angel son was looking down on us and our family. The timing of Ben, finding out we were pregnant with him the same week as our angel son's due date, Ben's own due date within the same week as our angel son's passing.... It just felt like a beautiful twist of fate.

Not a day goes by where we aren't grateful for where our journey has taken us. A piece of our PB&J hearts will forever be with our angel son. Our angel son taught us that no matter how dark the world could get, that hope & hearts will always prevail. So here's to today and for sending our love to our angel above.

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