PB&J Parenthood: 17 Months

Oh my, we're at seventeen months with our little rainbow!
And my oh my, it's sure been an exciting and fun filled month for us! Read on to find out all about one year and 5 months of parenting and toddlerhood...

Time sure does fly...
This past month was full of celebrations, adventures and memorable occasions. They say time flies by when you're having fun and that's definitely true. Month 17 of parenthood felt like it zoomed by!

May 11th
With all the memorable occasions May brought, there was one day in particular that was truly bittersweet. May 11th. This day represents so much for us as a family. It's our official day of Hope & Hearts and the completion of a long journey into parenthood. May 11th is forever our day to remember our angel son, while honoring the past, present and future our family holds. It's our own little celebration of love conquering all. If you'd like to read a little bit more on this day and my mom story you can check it out HERE
This meaningful day just happened to line up with Mother's Day weekend this year, yet another holiday that represent so much for our family. We decided that since this day is all about hope & hearts, that Peter and I would each get to choose something special to partake in to honor our parenthood journey. We wanted to fill our day with all the happiest memories, so we traveled back down to SoCal for a weekend of love and fun. You can probably already guess what I chose to do for the day (Disneyland) and PB chose to integrate one of his lifelong loves, cars!
We kicked off our May 11th by attending a special Porsche car event called Luftgekult in the Hollywood Backlot area of Universal Studios in Hollywood. It was amazing to watch PB and his mini me Ben geek out over the cars. All precious dad and me moments for a well deserving father!
After wrapping up with PB's portion of our special day, we headed to Disneyland to celebrate rainbows and hope.

The happiest Mother's Day on Earth!
The day after May 11th ended up being Mother's Day. I've never been in the parks for the occasion, so it was such a special treat to be at my happiest place with my little family to celebrate a day of all things mom and motherhood.
A beautiful little way Disney honored moms, with these adorable carnations right at the entrance!
It was truly another happy trip in the books for our family! Each trip is magical, but this one especially since I got to celebrate the fact that I was finally a mom and do so at the happiest place on earth!

Mr. Big Boy now
This month also proved to be another month of lots of growth and development for Ben. It seems as if each day brings about a new little part of his personality and wonder. Ben has become a pro at walking and is pretty much already sprinting around everywhere. Remember they days where we were anxious parents just awaiting for those first steps? Well those days are long gone! One of the things we were told while we awaited Ben's monumental first walk was to enjoy the calm because once he got moving "there's no stopping them". And yes, we can verify that is 110% true! Now we can't get Ben to stop moving! Our last Disney trip was definitely more interesting as Ben kept wanting to walk on his own. Oh how times have changed!

The never-ending mobility also means that we're continuing to baby proof everything and anything. It's truly a process that never ends because the second you think you've got it down and done, there's something new that pops up! Hello toilets! Ben has definitely grown a little, too because we're noticing that his little hands are now able to reach in places and countertops that he couldn't before! Here's to hoping our next monthly recap might include a new height milestone in reaching the next level of Disneyland attraction requirements!
There's been so much new learning this month, too! It seems like Ben's mind is expanding with each minute that passes. Sometimes you can almost tell when the wheels just turn in our little one's head. watching him begin to make connections, like when he realizes the car in front of him is the same one he sees in his book and his toys. Or when he differentiates between what animal goes where, what vehicle does what, or one of my favorites, how the airplane flies in the sky and his little airplane "swoosh" sounds he makes. His thought process is so astounding! It's been amazing as a parent to just watch him learn about how the world works. He's imitating like crazy with everything we do, so it's been quite amusing at times to watch how he interprets our daily actions. He's truly becoming our Mr. Big Boy around the house. I said it earlier,  but it's worth saying again.... time is just flying by! He's living his best toddler life right now and it's just so surreal that he's just a month shy of being through the first half of his 2nd year!
Month 17 also meant haircut #2

*Almost* halfway through year 2!
So as we close out Month 17 or one year and 5 months, we are thankful for yet another fun filled month of adventures, growth and parenthood. We're soaking in every minute to being parents to a little toddler. Everyday brings something new, whether a new expression, a playfulness, a lesson, it's just an all around wonderful time right now. So here's to the new month ahead and all the surprises and happy memories it may bring for us! Thank you for reading along, until next time... take care!💜

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