A Pixar kind of Day

You know it's going to be a good day when it begins at Pixar Animation Studios!
A place filled with awe inspiring wonder and creativity, that's the only way to describe a visit to the famed Pixar Animation Studios. Read on for a magical glimpse inside such an iconic institution.

In the heart of the Bay
Sunny SoCal might be home to the happiest place on Earth. But nestled right here in the Bay Area is our own hidden place of magic: Pixar! Literally right in our backyard is the famed animation studios located in the heart of Emeryville, CA. From first appearances, you wouldn't even know an animation powerhouse is near by until you drive down a little side street and are greeted by the giant "PIXAR" sign out front.
Gorgeous interiors and magic await behind the PIXAR sign.
Animation, but make it heartfelt
Pixar is home to some of the entertainment world's most beloved animated films like the Toy Story franchise, Pixar Cars, UP, Coco and more! The studios is known for creating the most heartfelt storylines paired with imaginative animation to go with it. If you're ever seen a Pixar film you already know how these movies just know how to tug at your heartstrings (looking at your first 10min of UP). Pixar has become synonymous with animated greatness and the HQ of where all the magic happens is no different.

Stepping on sacred Studio grounds
A visit to Pixar Studios can be likened to stepping on hallowed Disney/Pixar bucket list worthy grounds. Not only are you getting to visit the Studio where so many amazing films and shorts have been created, but you're also one of the lucky bunch that gets to actually be there. You see, Pixar Studios isn't open to the public. Since it's a closed Studio they don't offer any tours to the public. The only way to get in is to be an invited guest of an employee or the Studio themselves.

We've had the honor to visit multiple times over the years to attend the special "friends and family" early screenings of films (Brave, Incredibles, Coco, The Good Dinosaur, to name a few). Trust me, we definitely count our blessings being able to visit so many times and we never take any of these special invites for granted.
Just a few of our Pixar friends and family adventures through the years!
A very special screening
An invite to a Pixar "Friends & Family" screening is always so special. You're literally getting the chance to watch the feature film right in the heart of where it was created. And on top of that, you're watching it amongst some of the very same people and creatives who had a hand into making the film. It's beyond incredible.

What's also special about these screenings is the opportunity to explore the Studio and check out the special art themes around the buildings, see some behind the scenes concept work, and of course shop the Studio Store!
Over the years and through visiting for different film screenings at Pixar, one fun thing to see is how the artwork changes around the main building. For example the centerpiece of the main building for this particular visit is a solo Bo Peep from Toy Story 4. Also adorning the walls all around are gorgeous pieces of character art from the newest faces in the film to familiar ones from past films!
The Studio Store is always a must during a visit, too! It's a small shop, but big on the merchandise magic! Here you'll find an assortment of Studio exclusive clothing, art, books, toys and more! 
It's also such a treat to get to walk the grounds of the Studio. There's so many hidden gems all around. You also might just find yourself encountering some of your favorite pals from Pixar classics... and maybe even a hungry little caterpillar that made his way from the Disney parks onto Studio grounds.
Heimlich! We meet again! He was originally from the Chew Chew Train at DCA park, but was relocated here after A Bug's Land closed.

The toys are back!
For this particular visit we were invited to the Toy Story 4 screening. We love Toy Story (crazy Little Green Men lady here) so it was so special to be able to see it at Pixar. No spoilers on the film since it's not out yet, but let's just say that the movie exceeded all of our expectations. It was everything and MORE! It's a must watch when it hits theaters on June 21st!
I was one of the people who wondered where the Toy Story storyline could go after such a perfect ending to Toy Story 3, but boy oh boy, has Pixar and their amazing team knocked this one out of the park (again!). You are going to laugh (a lot). This film is HILARIOUS! You'll fall in love with the newest bunch of toys to grace the screen. I never knew I could love a plastic spork so much. And of course, in true Pixar fashion, you may even shed a few tears. It's a beautiful, well written, and perfectly executed film. It's the movie you never knew you needed to see, so do yourself a favor and check it out when it hits theaters. It's good, trust me!

Until next time...
So our visit to watch Toy Story 4 was another truly magical visit for the books. We're so thankful to our sweet friends for always including us in these fun Pixar adventures! If you're reading this, we love you both and thank you for all the fun! Until we meet again Pixar...

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