PB&J Parenthood: 18 Months!

One and a half years old.
We're officially halfway through year two! Read on to hear more about making it through 18 months of being parents to this amazing little guy!

Half way to year 2
Can you believe it? We'll halfway through year two already! Time always feels like it's flying by in the blink of an eye. But this month was different. We're at the momentous half way point through year two and  it definitely feels a little surreal. As a mama, I've spent every single day, 547 to be exact, with my Ben. There's been so many magical moments, laughs, tears, tantrums, oopsies, poopsies, milestones and more. Each day he seems to learn something new and let his silly personality shine through. He really does grow up right before our eyes, but for some reason in month 18, the realization that Ben was no longer our little baby hit us more than before.

Magic, new heights and a Galaxy far, far away
Another month, another Disneyland visit! We made our way back to our happiest place to visit a galaxy far, far away. We had reservations to check out the brand new land of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge over at Disneyland. It was definitely quite the galactic adventure. You can read all about our trek to the new land of Batuu HERE.
This trip special for us as a family because Ben had achieved a Disney milestone: clearing his first attraction height requirement! Our baby boy has definitely grown because he reached 32" and can now ride a new tier of attractions. Realizing that our little guy isn't so little anymore (literally) was a big moment for us as his parents. With each Disney trip we've seen Ben grow in some way, whether it be learning how to wobbly walk, interacting with characters, and now with being tall enough to ride more rides!

Father's Day
Fresh off clearing his new height limits, we rounded the corner into another memorable day, Father's Day. This was our second year getting to celebrate PB as a dad. While our celebration was kept low key, much like the "dada" himself, it was still special nonetheless. Our little family is so thankful to get to celebrate the little occasions like these days. Some may see this day as a "Hallmark holiday" but for us? It means the world because we get to finally celebrate being a parent to our little miracle baby.

547 Days
We now have 547 days of parenthood under our belts and this was the month that it truly felt like our Ben was no longer our little baby. We caught ourselves so many times thinking out loud or saying "you're such a big boy now!". In our hearts, he'll always be our "baby" but in reality we're seeing Ben grow into such a little boy now. Ben recently had a majority of his remaining baby teeth push through, so he's sporting a new set of baby teeth. Long gone are the days of the gummy smiles, but now it's an expressive cheery toothed grin. 
Ben's walking has quickly turned into sprinting around the house and his physical ability has gone up tenfold. His nickname by his grandma is "baby Hercules" because he can climb, push, move and pretty much achieve anything physically he's put his mind to! He's our little strongman now.
Ben has also grown immensely when it's come to communicating with us. His random babbles are starting to become more structured, almost like he's trying to make conversation with us. He's imitating our words and is now a certified pro at making vehicle and airplane sounds. 
As a mom, it's been really bittersweet this month. Looking into Ben's eyes I still see the tiny baby what was placed in front of me in the delivery room. But then realize there's a toddler/big boy standing in front of me. It's hard to explain, but I'm sure any mama out there reading this can agree, that it's the strangest feeling. There's so much pride with the accomplishments achieved is far. There's also so much excitement in looking ahead for all the new memories to be made. But there's also a tiny bit of sadness when you realize that he's growing up (too fast). There's been a lot more mama bear hugs given, along with cuddles for Ben. Each hug holding on a little tightener than the last. Every single second of this beautiful adventure of motherhood is precious and you can bet this mama isn't taking any of it for granted.

Onto the next half!
While the squishy baby days may be long gone, we're looking ahead to all the fun and new milestones this toddler/parent life has ahead. One half of year two down, another half to go! Here's to all the adventures on the horizon!💜

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