Happy 8th Barkday Datsy!

Lucky number 8
Wishing our first baby, our forever FURbaby the happiest 8th barkday!

Long before I was a crazy Disney mom, I was a crazy dog mom. Eight years ago, this little silly fur ball of a French Bulldog was born and found his way into our lives. I still remember the first time ever meeting Datsy. He was so tiny he could fit in the palm of my hand... and my oh my was he spunky! He liked to do this little hop and loved chewing on his little Nylabone. He also liked to wedge himself in between our legs and naw at the ears and appendages of his toys. Most of all, he stole our hearts from the second we laid eyes on him. I'm thankful that he came into our lives 8 years ago because Datsy taught us so much and filled out lives with the utmost joy.
Datsy taught both PB and I patience, like with all those puppy training days. He taught me how to react in less than ideal situations and how to forgive... like when he'd have his surprise "poopoo" pawties in the living room... but most importantly, he taught us how to love unconditionally. Datsy is a spoiled pup to say the least, but he's our forever first baby and will always be the king of our castle and hearts. His little brother may have came in and taken the spotlight, but at the end of each day there's always unconditional love for our pup. Thank you for blessing us with your stubbornness, grumps and love for the past 8 years Datsy-poo! We love you!!!!🎂🐶

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