The Quarantine Diaries: The New Normal

The New Normal

We're entering week 3 of our Stay At Home "Quarantine" and today I'm talking all about our "New Normal"
Hello Week 3!
Hello from week three of COVID-19 "Stay At Home" or as we like to call it quarantine! When we were given the order to "Shelter In Place" all those weeks ago, I didn't really know what to expect. There was certainly some fear, some anxiety and a whole lot of unknown. Here we are weeks later and we've settled into somewhat of a new normal. Days are filled with time all together as a family. While we can't head to the playground, we've made the most out of back and front yard playing time. We've also not really left the house, save for a weekly trip to do a grocery store drive up pick up. I can actually count the times we've each been out beyond our own home space: me (0) and PB (3). We're doing our part to keep everyone safe by staying at home!

New Normal
While our carefree outdoor times and going to public places are put on hold, we're definitely still finding the ways to keep life's balance together. We've been getting creative with home and art projects, catching up on binging shows that we never had time to enjoy before, and just soaking int he family time together that we never knew we were missing out on.

There's also been a few silver linings to our current situation that we're discovering. On my end, it's my fractured foot recovery, which is going well all thanks to the limited walks/movement around due to social distancing orders. For PB he's enjoying getting to be home with us. He still has to work during the week with e-mails, work calls and holing up in his newly set up home (guest room) office! But he get to be here when we all wake up, share meals with us that he normally wouldn't and overall spend a ton of new quality time with his son. For Ben? He's probably found the most joy out of this crazy time because he gets to be surrounded by mama and dada 24/7. For him, this has been the best time!

Looking Ahead
While there's certainly a lot of unknown in the world, especially about how and when life will be able to resume back (if even possible) to the way it once was. We'll certainly be here trying to enjoy our "new normal" for the time being. 💜

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