Magic at Home: DIY Mouse Beret

 Everything's better with mouse ears!

Today I'm sharing a super easy tutorial is sure to add a little magical flair to your hat collection. Read on to find out how to create your own Mouse Beret!

A Magical Style Staple

Throughout the holidays and the colder season months I've found a style staple of mine has been the ever classic beret! It started with a fun Halloween accessory with my Mickey Mouse Pumpkin inspired creation, then evolved into a holiday Mickey Gingerbread hat. As fun as the two quirky hats were, I wanted to create a simple, yet chic version that could be worn anytime. Enter the DIY mouse beret! I'll show you how to create an easy, no sew magical beret. All you need is a few easy supplies, a glue gun and literally 10 minutes to create your own adorable beret confection. Here we go!

What You'll Need
-Black beret (I found mine on Amazon)
-Black felt
-Hot glue gun

How to put together your Mouse Beret

1. Gather your supplies. Some notes to help with your DIY if you want to go the extra mile: I made my beret in a basic black color, but with whatever color you choose, but try to color/texture match your ear fabric  as much as possible. Also, using a heavier weight fabric like a wool felt will help your ears stay "perky" on your beret.

2. Cut out your "ears". I used a 3 inch round measurement, but you can go bigger or smaller depending on how you want your "ears" to show. Cut off about <1/4in from the bottom in a straight line to make it blend when you glue onto your beret.

3. Position your "ears" onto your beret. Before you glue, I recommend taping the ears and try on your mock set up. Adjust widths/location, if needed.

4. Glue your "ears" onto the top edge of your beret. See photo for the example of where I glued mine.

5. Poof! You've got your easy to create, chic and magical Mouse Beret ready to wear!

Cozy, cute and chic headwear
And it's as easy as cut, glue and wear! I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial on how to create your own DIY Mouse Beret. Happy styling!

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