Magic at Home: DIY Gingerbread Mouse Hat

 Sugar, Spice & All Things Ginger-Mice!

One of my favorite holiday loves is the Mickey gingerbread. The mix of classic mouse style & a dose of holiday gingerbread makes for the sweetest combo. What would make this mix even sweeter? Why an easy Ginger-mouse DIY hat of course. Read on the find out how to create your own!

The Sweetest Style

You can say that I’m slightly (really) obsessed with all things gingerbread and it’s even better when it’s in Mickey Mouse form. If there’s something cuter than a Disney gingerbread plush, ornament or decor... it’s one that’s in wearable style! I love creating an annual gingerbread dress to wear and it's become a tradition a few years strong. But this year I wanted to do something even more special. A hat came to mind after a successful DIY Mickey pumpkin beret craft from the Halloween season. So I figured, why not use the same method to create a holiday type of confection. So grab your craft supplies and bring all that holiday magic because here we go!

What You’ll Need:

- Beret (any shade of brown or tan)

- White fabric puff paint

- Dark brown, brown, and pink felt (you can adjust hues to match your beret color or your own vision)

- Rickrack trim (optional)

- Hot glue gun

- Scissors 

How to create your ginger-mouse hat:

1. Using your dark brown felt, cut out eyes, nose and mouth. Using brown felt, cut two circles for ears. I usually eyeball the size for ears. If you’re unsure, start bigger and you can cut down sizing. Cut two tiny cheek dots from pink felt.

2. Using your white puff paint, add the “frosting” details onto your ear pieces.

3. Glue eyes, nose and mouth pieces onto the underside of your beret. 

4. Once your painted ears are dry, glue onto the edge of your hat, see photo for reference. 

** I suggest pinning or even taping the ears to make sure your placement is where you like it before gluing.

5. Add your rickrack trim to the bottom most edge of your beret.

** Depending on the fabric of your beret, you’ll need to factor in the stretch of when the beret is on your head before gluing. I used my rickrack on only half of my beret to accommodate for this. 

6. Poof! Enjoy your sweet mouse creation!

Oh (Ginger) Snap!

I hope you enjoyed this sweet little DIY! It’s a fun and easy way to be decked out in some magical holiday style for the season. Until next time, take care! 💜

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