Happy 4 to this PBJadventurebook!

Happy 4 To This Happy Little Blog Space!

Today marks 4 years to the day I created this blog space. Thankful for the blogging journey and the stories I’ve been able to share these past few years.

From Heartache to Hope & Healing

Four year ago we were in the midst of grieving the loss of our Angel son. My heart and soul were still broken, but we carried on looking towards a future that might hold something more hopeful.

One of the ways I found healing on our journey was through writing. It was therapeutic to express all that I was feeling in word form. I remember I had a journal where each day I’d write down one positive and one negative of the day. As simple as that sounds, it helped immensely in the healing process.

Then about a month after our loss, we travelled to Japan on what would have been our “babymoon” which had now turned into our healing trip. As cheesy as it sounds, the trip restored us. It provided us with new memories not etched in pain, it brought back smiles, laughs, and a renewed hope for what might come in the future.

Then something happened. Upon returning home, not only did I have a new sense of motivation for embracing the next chapter of our lives, but I also had a full inbox of messages on my Instagram. I received tons of messages from friends and followers who had questions about our Japan trip. After dozens of replies I started to see pattern of something along the lines of “you should have a blog for this!”. That got me thinking... why don’t I have a blog for all this???

Why didn’t I have my own blog space? It just made so much sense. It would be a place for everything I couldn’t express in photo form or compress into one caption. A blog, not just any blog, but my own personal blog. A space to share anything and everything. A written extension of myself. It would be a space for answering all the questions I received, a spot to share our travels, Disney fun, and more importantly, have a place to tell our story.

So, a few days into late February I opened up my laptop, found the easiest blog space I could manage and just began writing. I wrote about our story, our loss, our hopes & dreams. But before I could hit publish, I needed a name. One that would reflect all of our adventures of the past, present and what was to come. One uniquely us but still held a sense of magic. And then the PBJadventurebook was born.

And since that very day four years ago, I’ve written about anything and everything. From Disney, DIY’s, travels (including that Japan trip so many asked about) and most importantly, created a space to share our story. Every up, down, storm and even our eventual rainbow. I'm thankful for the past four years of this blogging journey. So here’s to all of the stories I’ve been able to share and to those that are still waiting to be told. Happy 4 to my PBJadventurebook! 💜

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