Magic at Home: DIY Flower Mouse Ears

 Hearts, Flowers and a Little Dose of Mouse Ears

Happy February! It's officially Valentine's Day month and I'm here with yet another easy to create and fun seasonal craft: DIY Flower Mouse Ears!

Hearts & Flowers (For Your Head)

It's the month of Valentine's Day and tis' the season of all things love, hearts & flowers. I'm totally a sucker for all of the lovey dovey kind of feels. Hearts, check. Boxes of chocolates, double check. Flowers?! Ummm, 100% yes! Flowers are truly one of the keys to my heart. So when it comes down to this month of love, what better way to infuse a bit of the flower feels then with a dose of mouse ear magic?!

All you need are a few simple supplies, a pair of scissors, a glue gun and a few minutes to create. The end result? A wearable dose of flower love to perfectly style with all your Valentine's Day looks this month. Here we go!

What You'll Need:

- Fake Floral. You can find these at any craft store or you can buy them in bulk in retailers like

-Mouse ears. You can repurpose an old pair of Mickey ears or purchase blank ones. I located mine on Amazon for under $10 for a two pack, but I've also seen them at party supply stores.

- Glue gun

- Scissors

How To Create Your Floral Mouse Ears

1. Start by cutting off the stems of your fake floral. The flatter the bottom of the floral, the easier it will be to glue onto your ears.

2. Using your mouse ears, pre-arrange the order you want your floral to be displayed on your ears. By doing this step you'll be able to re-work the flowers before making the pattern permanent.

**Tip: You can break your fake flower apart to adjust sizing for your ears. Having a combo of smaller flowers with larger ones creates a nice variety of dimension while on the ear!**

3. Once you've found a floral pattern you like, use your glue gun to attach your flowers onto your ears. 

4. As simple as 1, 2, 3 because by 4 you're all done! Enjoy your new floral creation!

Petal Power

Now you're ready to spend your days in hearts and all the flowers with these ears! As you can see, these DIY flower ears are so simple to create and can add a touch of petal power to any dose of Valentine's day (and beyond) style! 💜

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