Disney Eggs, Cuteness, and Happy Easter Wishes!

Happy Easter, everyone! 💝🌷🌼

Disney eggs are the BEST type of eggs!

I'm so obsessed with anything and everything that is pastel and cute, so the Springtime and Easter holiday always holds a special place in my heart. As you'll see below, I've accumulated quite a collection of Easter knick knacks and goodies over the years! 
Disney pins = good. Disney EGG pins = YASSSS!
Can you guess which egg is my favorite?

Tsum Springtime goodness!
My dog can't escape the Disney Easter takeover!
Easter also brings back all the happy feels of epic egg hunts and fun gatherings with my family. So whatever you may be doing today, whether just enjoying this beautiful Sunday at home, participating in egg hunts galore or just spending the day with loved ones.... Wishing you all a very "hoppy" and "Eggcellent" Easter/Spring! 💜


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