Happy PB&J Day!

Today is April 2nd, and that means it's #NationalPeanutButterandJellyDay! Woohoo! No, I'm not making this awesome holiday up, it's real! While technically it's a day celebrating the beloved sandwich, PB and I like to think of it as our own little day, too since we're so connected to the name.

I can't believe a little cheesy joke made by PB during our early dating days: "Hey, did you know our initials spell out 'PB&J', it's perfect because we go together like Peter Butter and Jelly Jenn..." ended up sticking with us and eventually morphed into who we're known as a couple, today! To celebrate PB&J day, here's a look back at some of our favorite PB&J duo moments and memories over the years!

Our Official PB&J logo!
When PB and I were in the midst of our wedding planning back in 2009, we wanted to create a cartoon logo to represent us. We spent hours drawing and dreaming up what that would look like. Then with the help of my amazing friend, Alison, who also happens to be the most talented graphic designer, we came up with our PB&J logo!
Our official PB&J duo logo designed and created by the amazing Alison Kim Designs

Made with PB&J Love
Another highlight of our PB&J-ness was our original PB&J wedding cake topper! Once we had our logo design down, I went to work on crafting up little clay versions of them to incorporate into our wedding. They ended up being a hit and are one of our most treasured PB&J items today. Five years after our PB&J Disney wedding came the surprise 5yr anniversary celebration at Disneyland! More on this epic night/story to come, but PB had commissioned the amazing artist Zeb Goodell to create a new set of PB&J figurines in the shape of PB&J Tsum Tsums!
The PB&J cake toppers I made from polymer clay 💜🍞
Our very own PB&J "tsum" figurines created by the amazing artist Zeb Goodell

PB&J Turn Into PB&J (Literally).
One of our greatest PB&J moments was when we literally were PB&J back in 2013 for Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland. It was the first year we attended the Halloween party, so what better way to celebrate than to dress up as our namesake! PB is quite crafty, even though he hates to admit it... and created our Peter Butter and Jelly Jenn costumes!

So there a little look back at some of our favorite PB&J memories and moments over the years! Thank you for letting me sidetrack from my regular Japan travel recapping to share this special day with you all. Wishing you a happy PB&J day! 💜

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