Hong Kong Disneyland Easter 2017

Easter is only a few days away, so I'm taking today to share some fun springtime highlights from a recent Hong Kong Disneyland trip that PB took to the park. Read on for more Easter filled fun!

Fact: Hong Kong Disneyland is the ONLY Disney park left on my "to visit" list 😲 LOL. Another fun fact? PB has visited Hong Kong Disneyland a whooping 4 times in the past 2 years, all on his own for that matter! What the what?! Okay, so the reason for my own lack of HK Disney visits and his abundance of them? Simply put, in my case, timing and motivation and in PB's case, business travel and keeping his crazy Disney wife happy!

I absolutely LOVE Disney parks and visiting them, but for some reason, Hong Kong Disney hasn't made the "must visit" list yet. I may have been put off by previous reviews from family and friends that have visited "the park is small... it's just like Disneyland at home, etc.". So whenever it came down to planning our international Disney travels it never really registered on my "to do" list. We came close to visiting together last summer when we were planning out our Shanghai/Tokyo Disney visit, but our travel days didn't allow for enough time to visit the park. I know I'll get to the park someday, especially with all the exciting enhancements they're adding to the park, but for now I'm happy to live through PB's travel photos and FaceTime's from there.
During PB's first HK Disneyland trip, he FaceTimed with me for a virtual tour around the parks! 
Getting a FacetTime tour of HK Disneyland! 
On the other hand, PB has visited the parks numerous times! PB's job as an engineer, or as I like to call him "EngiNerd" requires him to travel internationally every once and a while. On lucky occasions he gets to travel to destinations close to Disney parks, like Shanghai or in this case, Hong Kong! Whenever he has the spare time and at the prodding of his crazy Disney-obssesed wife, he'll get himself to a Disney park to check out the latest merch, snap photos and live the Disney dream for me while I'm at home.
PB and his Disney pals having fun at HK Disneyland!

Springtime at HK Disneyland!
On his most recent travels, PB visited HK Disneyland during the opening weekend of their seasonal "Disney Friends Spring Carnival" event for Easter. He took in the Easter fun, tried some of the Disney treats and of course, checked out all the merch for me!

HK Disneyland Eggstravaganza!
Much like my previous post about Tokyo Disneyland's Easter festivities, HK Disneyland also has fun character eggs scattered around the park!

Merch, Merch, all the Disney Merch!
One of the best perks of PB's random HK Disney visits? All the merch, in this case, lots of springtime goodies!

Springtime Snacks 
PB also indulged in some of HKDL's springtime treats! He's previously tried yummy seasonal eats like the Darth Vader waffle, seasonal soft serve cones, and now a yummy fruit tapioca drink and the cutest Donald Duck donut you'll ever see!

Donald Duck Donut! Unfortunately, PB said this looked way better than it actually tasted 😂 

I hope you've enjoyed this special Hong Kong Disneyland/Springtime recap post, all thanks to PB! As always, thank you for reading along! I'll be back at it with our continued recap of our Tokyo Disney Resort travels soon. Until then, have a happy day everyone! 💜


  1. Tell PB thanks! Love the giant eggs scattered around the park. He is a good man, my husband would never do this!

    1. The Disney eggs are the best! Lol, it definitely takes some convincing to get PB to a Disney park, especially without his Disney crazy wife!


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