Ben's Wonderful 1st Christmas Time!

We'll be having wonderful 1st Christmastime!

Merry & bright
Ben's 1st Christmas was definitely a special one for our little family. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and this year would be extra magical since it would mark the last "first" holiday celebration for Ben. PB and I made sure to fill his holiday season with lots of family fun and adventures, but when it came to the official Christmas celebrations, we made sure to do what we could to make sure Ben's 1st Christmas would be *merry & bright*.

Family, Food, Gifts and Fun
The main event for Christmas in my family is our traditional family Christmas Eve celebration. I come from a huge family, so our Christmas Eve celebrations are always loud, full of food and most of all... fun! Ben channeled his inner Santa Claus and was showered with gifts, cuddles and lots of Christmas Eve love from my family.

Santa's Elves Working OT
After our annual family party, PB and I headed home to get the magic started on making Ben's 1st Christmas morning one for the memory books.

All about that Christmas morning
While Christmas Eve always meant "party-time" growing up, Christmas day on the other hand is traditionally a much more low key affair. I say "low key" but it doesn't mean any less special. Christmas Day, particularly the morning has always been one of my favorite parts about Christmas. It's those quiet moments, right after waking up as a child... running into the living room and realizing that Christmas magic had happened overnight and just maybe... a special visit from one called Santa Claus. This was something I hoped for Ben to experience and boy oh boy was it a Christmas morning to remember!
Santa stopped by and dropped off a little walk and play car for Ben! The look on his face when he came out into the living room and saw the gift set up was priceless. His big toothy grin, the giggles and curiosity. He looked around thinking "what is this thing and how did it get here?" LOL. There were definitely a lot of mama happy tears shed. I can't even begin to describe the emotion you feel as a new parent, seeing your child experience the magic of Christmas for the first time.

The merriest memories!
Christmas day also means more merry festivities! We spent the day with our closest family, more gift fun for Ben, food, tons of quality time spent with our loved ones and of course, more food. Ben's 1st Christmas may be over, but now we have so much to look forward to in the years to come. Here's to a lifetime more happy Christmas mornings and merry moments ahead. ­čĺť

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