Ben's 1st Disneyland Holidays

A merry & magical holiday season

The brightest way to celebrate our 1st holidays as a complete family: Disneyland Holidays!

The most magical time of the year!
Disneyland, or any Disney park for that matter, is truly the most magical place to celebrate the holiday season! There's just something about the parks during the holidays that is extra merry and magical.

This time last year...
It was around this season last year that we were on our "babymoon", our one last Disney trip before Ben was due to arrive. You can read all about that wonderful trip HERE. Last year's holiday trip to the parks was filled with so much anticipation for what was to come with our little one. I specifically remember watching the snow fall after the holiday fireworks, clutching onto my little Ben-belly bump and thinking of all the love and good feels because the next time I'd witness this moment, my little Ben would be with me!

This Christmas
Flash forward a year and we found ourselves heading down to the happiest place on Earth again for the holidays, but this time with our Ben with us! I wanted to make this holiday trip extra special, so this crazy Disney mom put in some work and crafted up some *extra* special style for our looks this trip. I don't know how to sew, but I've been known to be pretty handy with a hot glue gun, scissors and imagination, lol! My DIY looks didn't turn out half bad, all thanks to some amazing accessories from a few amazing small shops, some Disney props and of course, my two boys who let me dress them up in crazy Disney ways (Thanks PB)!

Happy Birthday Mickey
The day we arrived just happened to be Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday! We're never in the parks on the actual day of something fun like this, so it was an extra dose of magic to check out the special merchandise and say hello to the big cheese himself to wish him a "Happy Birthday"

Dreaming of sugarplums and gingerbread style!
Our holiday trip was filled with the *sweetest* memories, both literally and figuratively! While last year my belly was big due to a baby bump, this year it was full all thanks to the amazing holiday treats and eats around the park. On top of that, we did it all in some "sweet" style!

Snowfall & it's a small world
Quite possibly my two favorite memories of this trip was fulfilling my heartfelt dream from the year before, seeing the Disney snowfall with my Ben. I held back so many tears, not only is the holiday fireworks my absolute favorite fireworks show Disney puts on, but there's just something about the "snoap" or the soapy snowfall that falls right after. I remember the first time I saw the snow fall on Main Street, I was surrounded by my family and I had tears flowing, it was the epitome of the holidays for me, being surrounded by loved ones, Disney magic and the snow falling all around. So to witness this year's snowfall meant the world to me because I was now sharing it with my little miracle!💜

Right next to the Disney snowfall, another thing high on my "emotional heartstrings" charts for the holidays? It's a Small World Holidays! Not only is this ride my favorite, but when it's all dressed up in it's festive glory? Well that's just game over when it comes to feeling all the feels! Watching Ben soak in the holiday version made this mama so happy.

Here's to a lifetime more of Disney holidays ahead of us!
Like always, this trip was filled with magical moments and memories that we're forever thankful for! Christmas is my favorite holiday, it represents everything that I hold near and dear to my heart, family, sweet treats, the season of kindness and giving... And the way that Disney celebrates the holiday season is always extra special. So here's to a lifetime more celebrating the happiest holidays on Earth with our Ben!💜

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