Santa Day

Santa Day
Our official first date, a before & after!

I think I might really like you...
Eleven years ago PB and I had our first "official" date. We called this day Santa Day! A quick back story to this happy day, PB and I first met in September 2007 while both at UC Davis. We had been out together a few times as friends, but nothing like an official first date. Right when we were finally starting to move away from the friend territory and the point of realizing that we might really like each other, PB had to up and leave for a 3 month engineering internship in Paris, France! Bummer, right? It was the best thing that happened for the both of us! It was in this time that we really got to know each other. We would Skype call each other (yes, we're that old and FaceTime wasn't around yet) each day and talk for hours on end. It was the best way for us to build what would eventually be the foundation for our relationship. By the end of the three months I think we pretty much knew that we were each other's "one". So literally less than 24hrs after retuning home from 3 months in Paris, we went on our official first PB&J date!

Santa Day 2007
PB called our date: Santa Day. He surprised me with a while day filled with holiday fun! We kicked off our day with lunch in the heart of San Francisco, complete with matching Santa hats. Our main even was meeting Santa himself! It must have been funny for Santa to see two grown adults coming in to take a photo with him, sans children. It was a cute interaction with a little glimpse into the future! One of the first things Santa asked when we walked up was "I think I know what you want for Christmas... a ring!" LOL. Being our first date, it was definitely a little awkward at the time, but now looking back, it's pretty hilarious since it did eventually come true!
We then soaked in all the holiday decor and lights around the city, had a romantic dinner for two and went ice skating at the Embarcadero center in SF We ended the night with a stop for hot cocoa for two at the original Ghirardelli Chocolate shop.

The day, as simple as it seemed was truly one of the cheesiest, yet sweetest date of my entire life. I joke now that our Santa Day was cheesier than any holiday Hallmark movie plot line I've ever seen.

Santa Day 2018
Flash forward 11 years and our little family decided to do a redo... a sequel if you will... of our original Santa Day date! We ended up taking Ben to the same Santa location we went to 11 years before. We even had the chance to recreate our original photo!

We were able to take Ben back to the same tree we stood in front of as two young ones falling in love before.
Our night had to exclude the romantic dinner for two for a much more appropriate family ramen dinner in SF's Japantown and Ice Skating was reduced to driving by the rink we skated at. But we did get to return to sip hot cocoas as a family at Ghirardelli Square once again! It was truly the most heartfelt walk down memory lane with our Ben!

The merriest new memoires
While our Santa Day sequel wasn't as cheesy or overly romantic as the original date, it was filled with just the same, if not more, happiest memories for our family! So here's to the first date that we celebrated 11 years ago to the most recent family date day! May this be a family tradition of some sorts of more happy memories and Santa moments to come! 💜

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