Adventures in PB&J Parenthood: 1 year, 1 month

365 Days + one month!
One month into toddlerhood! So how's it going? Read on to find out...

When I first stared this this PB&J parenthood series, it was meant to be a look back on how PB and I were hanging in there in regards to being first time parents. With time, the posts evolved more into monthly recaps of our Ben. As much as I told myself that I'd only do things for his first year like my Instagram #PBJmommyandme series and these monthly recaps, it was hard not to get sucked back into things. There's just too much fun that happens not to share. So here we go again with our year 2 series and looking back on ONE year and ONE month into the newest territory: Toddlerhood!

Mr. Independent
So what has the first month of toddlerhood look like? EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE. No really... while last year was all about making sure we did everything right, taking care of our fragile little newborn... enjoying the tiniest little smiles and coos, this year is a little different. Ben is definitely far from that tiny, helpless newborn. He's our Mr. Independent now. He's so curious and adventurous about the world around him. We have to keep up with him, his newfound mobility, and his new sassiness. Ben isn't fully walking yet, but give him a couch, gate or chair and he'll find a way to maneuver around it. He loves to chat, he's been talking up a storm with his babbles and ever expanding vocabulary and has now learned the power of a toddler tantrum. When he isn't into something he will 100% let you know. LOL.

But with all the new mobility and personality comes a whole lot of goodness! This kid knows how to melt our hearts with his silliness. He's now giving the sweetest koala hugs and his sense of wonder has been so wonderful to watch!

Parenthood at one year, one month
To be completely honest, I've actually found it more exhausting to be a mom to a toddler than to a newborn! What?! Yes, in our case its proven to be true. When Ben was a newborn he was actually super chill, he fell into a good sleep schedule right away, was always so calm and generally just an easy going baby. Everything was pretty clear cut and scheduled with a baby. Cut to a year into it all and that's completely changed! Our days are unpredictable, we have a mix of those easy going, chill days to the crazy "what on earth is happening" kind of days. I'm definitely being kept on my toes nowadays!

It almost feels like something inherently clicked the second he turned one. As exhausting as his newfound toddler abilities have been for us as parents, its also been such a blessing. It's been amazing to watch him form his big personality, watch him grow and learn new things. He literally amazes us each day with his wits and smarts!
Ben is crusin' around the house like crazy! He's still not walking on his own, but we're doing PLENTY of activities to try get him on the move independently, LOL!

Looking forward to another year of milestones!
If month one has been a glimpse into how the rest of year two will go, I'm sure we're in for one heck of a Ben Adventure! As I type this up right now, he's sleeping peacefully next to me, but I know he'll be up in a little bit, re-energized and ready to conquer the rest of the day. As crazy as our days can potentially be now, I'm still so unbelievable thankful. Thankful for his newfound awareness of the world, thankful for his big bright smiles that greet us each morning, thankful for his adorable playfulness, thankful for every single second I get to be this amazing little miracle's mama!💜

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