PB&J Parenthood: ONE YEAR

365 days of PB&J Parenthood!
We did it! We've officially reached ONE YEAR of being parent to our little Benjamin!

Month 12
Ben's twelfth month was definitely a BIG one for so many reasons. There was growth, more milestones and plenty of holiday fun. Month twelve saw our little Ben trying a whole new world of solid foods which he immediately took to, let's just say that pancakes are now his favorite food group!

Ben also continued to be as curious as ever, he's on to go, go, go! He's learned how to scoot himself off of the couch and is zooming around on our furniture... literally, lol.

In the most fitting of ways, PB ended the year by using the last remaining time off he had for paternity leave to spend the final weeks of December and Ben's last month of his 1st year with us! It meant tons of daddy and me time (naps), adventures around our area and lots of holiday fun!
Nap Party with daddy! (Mom did not get an invite to this, lol)
Snowfall at the Oakland Zoo's ZooLights!
Quality daddy & me giant LEGO time!

One and done! WE DID IT!
We did it. We survived our first year of parenthood! In all honestly, time felt like it flew by in the blink of an eye. It felt like only yesterday that we were two frazzled first time parents with our newborn son, desperately trying to figure out how to navigate the waters of being a parent. I still remember the first 24 hours of being parents to Ben. How we were completely clueless, sleep deprived and slightly going bonkers. We hatched a "genius" plan to each hold Ben for an hour, so the other could sleep.... until the nurse came and and said "you know you can let you baby sleep in his bassinet next to you so you can ALL sleep?" LOL. It's hilarious to think of it all now. How we were so scared to hold Ben because we didn't want to drop him, or how anxious we were about every. little. thing.... Now we let our little guy roam freely, pick up him with one hand and pretty much do things that 24 hours into parenthood PB&J would be completely shocked by, lol! With 365 days of parenthood under our belts, it's crazy to see how things have changed from day 1 to today. We're definitely a lot wiser, braver when it comes to parenting, and our hearts our definitely fuller with each day that has passed with our little Ben. 

Mom Life
On a more personal level as a mama. I still remember feeling so helpless after my c-section birth to Ben. All the emotions swirling in those first few weeks with the combo of recovery, things not going according to the "ideal" plan, the breastfeeding fails and woes and pretty much everything in-between. In a nutshell, it wasn't at all the warm and fuzzies I thought being a new mom would be.. But then my little Ben showed me just how wonderful life as a mama could really be. I just needed those first few weeks of "initiation" into mama hood for me to see. Once I let go of the expectations I had in my mind of a perfect start and just went with the flow, knowing that each day may have it's ups and downs, but it will always be okay, along with the reminder that "I'm my child's mom...I know and will always know whats best for him" everything became so much better. 
From week ONE
To year ONE

Everyone told us that the first few weeks of parenthood were always the hardest and trust me, it was... then things just start to flow... things become a little easier, you start to recognize the cries, the coos, the behaviors and then your heart just knows.... It's hard to describe. You finally feel like a parent and you know that life will never be the same in the best way possible!

So here's to our first year of parenthood! All of the ups, the downs, the stresses, the joys, the laughs, the tears and most of all the love. Now onto year two! If the past few days into it is any indication... we're in for one amazing adventure with our big Ben! 💜

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