Ben's big ONE: At Home Birthday

Ben's Big ONE

A little photo look back at Ben's 1st Birthday party, the "at home" edition.

Hooray for the Mouseketeer!
December 30, 2018, it was a day surrounded by endless love, family and lots of cake (& red frosting aftermath).

We weren't originally planning anything big for his actual birthday day, our original plan was to throw Ben a big bash at Disneyland. But the Disney party wasn't for a few weeks until after his actually birthday, so the plans changed from a small cake and dinner with our immediate families to a huge Mickey celebration surrounded by our extended family! We realized that with our Disney party, some of our family wouldn't be able to make it down, and we didn't want to miss a chance to celebrate with them and Ben. Our little guy has made quite the impression on or relatives, so it was no surprise that we had a full house of loved ones, all there to cheer on Ben as he turned one year old!

I'll let the photos do the talking from here:

Ben's smash cake aka the "first" cake they get to have. It's supposed to be smashed into by the birthday celebrant, hence "smash" cake, lol. The bakery where we ordered it from warned us that since the frosting was red that the aftermath wouldn't be pretty... stay tuned to find out how that went, lol!

A sweet friend on Instagram sent over some amazing Mickey decor that was leftover from her son's 1st birthday. It was the kindest gesture and I'm hoping to continue the act of kindness myself by sending them to another mama/family who would want them, too! This decor is way too cute to just be used once! Hopefully they continue to spread magic for another birthday party elsewhere!

Food! I do have to say that Ben's 1st birthday spread was pretty darn good! We had a buffet of the yummiest Filipino and Thai food for our guests! PB is Thai and I'm Filipino so it was such a nice mix of our cultures and truly representative of our little Ben!

Thankful. My grandma has been such a light in my life. She's battling Alzheimers and Parkinson's Disease and she isn't doing too well on most days, but was able to make it to celebrate Ben all thanks to some amazing family members who helped escort her to the party! Thankful doesn't even begin to cover the feels for having her there with us!

Game of Mickey noses! We had a few fun games for our family to play, most of the kiddos invited weren't there since they were all sick, so the adults stepped up and played the games, like this pin the nose (or post it since we ran out) on the Mickey 

Smash cake time! How adorable is this birthday cake towel my sister got for Ben?

We waited until exactly 4:38pm to sing happy birthday to Ben. This was the exact time he was born, so what better way to celebrate one year than with a round of "happy birthday" and cake!

Our Ben was a little hesitant to smash into his cake. 

But once he realized there was yummy cake under all that frosting, he was all for it! My sister mentioned how after all was said and done with the cake that it semi looked like a cake murder scene... lol! 

One happy ONE year old! Ben had an exciting day surrounded by the people that love him the most, good eats and a whole lot of birthday magic!

It was a day to remember and so special since it was all about our little rainbow! As you can see, he had a great time, hehe. Stay tuned, coming soon is a recap of Ben's Disney birthday extravaganza!!!

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