Style Breakdown: Celebration Outfits!

Cue the Confetti because it's a CELEBRATION!

In one of the proudest DIY moments I've had to date, I present to you our mommy and me Celebration outfits! Read on to find out why this colorful concoction of felt, poms and a whole lot of love means so much...

A colorful reveal
Back in 2018 when the world was celebrating Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday, the Disney Parks were cooking up something quite amazing: brand new character outfits!!! And these weren't just any regular outfits, this was a whole colorful, fun, and festive new celebration style for your favorite Disney pals. I still remember the seconds after seeing the costume reveal and thinking "I HAVE TO MAKE THESE OUTFITS!". There was the strongest pull to Minnie's dress in particular, there were rainbow pom poms, tulle, glitter... It screamed happiness and I knew right then and there that I had to find a way to DIY this look. Mickey's outfit was another that I thought would be adorable for little Ben. The rainbow confetti on a capri suit? Strange on a grown man, but on a mouse and toddler? Adorable!

All the felt in the world
When we booked our March Disney trip in February, I knew I had a good amount of time to prep our DIY outfits. Since each piece of the outfits were pretty specific, I had to scour all of, my favorite Disney style go to, in order to find the items needed. After gathering the base pieces, I next turned to my big o' box of felt, a treasure trove of felts, fabrics and random craft pieces usable for these specific types of projects. Mix in a couple of bags of colored poms from a craft store and you're all set to create a memorable celebration look!

If you want to check out my celebration style Amazon list you can find it HERE **This is an Amazon Affiliate link to my idea list page.**

Mickey capris and confetti
So here's my breakdown of our DIY Celebration style. Once again, much like my previous Donut style breakdown, I apologize for the lack of detail, photos, and more. I wasn't expecting to write up blog tutorials on these looks, so hopefully my random step by step process can somewhat help!

Mickey's style

Materials Needed:
- White Toddler suit 
- Multi colored felt
- fabric scissors, small size will work best for the little details
- hot glue gun and lots of extra glue sticks
- clear vinyl (about 4x4in)
- loose confetti or glitter

1. Begin by cutting LOTS of felt confetti pieces. I'm really particular, so I went the extra mile and cut various sizes, shapes, etc.
2. Start gluing the confetti pieces to the suit. The park version has more confetti at the top of the suit and gradually decreases as it gets to the bottom.

3. Cut the suit pants to desired length and glue the new hem length. For Ben it was taking off a few inches to hit a little below his knee.
4. Attach felt confetti to pants.

Vinyl Confetti Bowtie
1. Fold your pieces vinyl in half, glue edges together. Glue other end shut, leaving an opening at the top to fill with glitter.
2. Using opening, fill with confetti or glitter.
3. Glue open side shut.
4. Use a small strip of yellow felt to bunch center together, glue. This should create your "bow" shape.
5. Using glue, attach to a blank white onesie.

Minnie Style

Materials needed
- White tulle skirt or plain white skirt (under base)
- 2 yards of white tulle
- waist length of elastic band
- colorful pom poms of varying sizes
- basic white top
- faux yellow buttons
- yellow belt
- clear vinyl
- loose confetti or glitter
**Link to the pieces for my celebration dress HERE.**

Pom Dress
I don't know how to sew, but my amazing husband does! He took a Home Ec class in high school where he learned how to use a sewing machine. Year later, his basic machine skills are coming in handy in the present so he can help me create basic pieces, like the pom tutu!

1. We used the following easy sew tutu tutorial to create the outer pom skirt. Adjust measurements for adult sizing
**If you have no sewing skills like me, you can cheat the look by purchasing a white tulle skirt and adding poms to the layers of the skirt**
2. After completing your exterior tutu, set aside and begin gluing poms to your separate under base skirt to create a cascading pom look when the top tutu is layered.
3. Glue faux buttons onto tee.
4. Glue poms onto sleeves of your tee. I used smaller poms starting that the top of the sleeve and gradually increased the size towards the bottom.
5. Glue confetti to belt.

Celebration Minnie Bow
1. Cut vinyl into rectangular shape of desired sizing.
2. Fold vinyl in half and glue
3. Glue one of the open sides shut, leaving the opposite end open.
4. Pour glitter or confetti into open end, once desired amounts of confetti are in, glue shut.
5. Use a piece of yellow felt to cinch the center together to make your bow.
6. Attach to headband or onto a blank pair of ears using glue to finish off the bow look!

A coordinating husband
PB didn't want to partake in the confetti style goodness, but thankfully, he had the perfect tee to match! He's wearing the "Happiest Days on Earth" tee by the amazing Made of Wonders! Here's a direct link to the tee Made of Wonders Happiest Days Tee. The tee ended up matching so well with our over the top confetti and pom style!

The colorful finale!
The Celebration style dream come to life!!! The work that went into these outfits took a ton of time, effort, glue gun skills and most of all patience. Looking back at everything, the outfits were actually super simple in concept, but the details are what can get to you after cutting and gluing felt and poms for hours on end. As hard as it was at times... and never wanting to ever cut felt confetti for the next 5-10 years... I'm so happy with how it all turned out! This outfit was a true labor of love and magic!

So there you have it! A breakdown of our Celebration Confetti style! The construction is actually  pretty straight forward but it's in the little details that can take your outfit to a while other level! It's easy to get overwhelmed by so much glitter and felt, but in the end, it's a colorful and happy result. Overall, with a lot of faith, LOTS of hot glue, and a whole lot of love you can end up with a magical celebration outfits on Earth! Thank you for reading and until next time... take care! 💜

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